Computer Knowledge Quiz for IBPS PO Mains – Set 12

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a set of Computer Knowledge Quiz for IBPS PO Mains 2015.

1. A _______
typically connects personal computers within a very limited geographical area,
within a single building.
1) LAN
2) BAN
3) TAN
4) NAN
5) None of these
2. A(n) _______
camera is a peripheral device used to capture still images in a digital format
that can be
easily transferred into
a computer and manipulated using graphics software.
1) digital
2) analog
3) classic
4) film
5) None of these
3. _______ makes it
possible for shoppers to make purchases using their computers.
1) E-world
2) E-commerce
3) E-zone
4) E-business
5) None of these

4. A word in a web
page that, when clicked, opens another document is called ________
1) anchor
2) hyperlink
3) reference
4) URL
5) None of these

5. The ________ of
software contains lists of commands and options.
1) title bar
2) menu bar
3) formula bar
4) tool bar
5) None of these

6. Commands at the
top of a screen such as FILE-EDIT-FONT-TOOLS to operate and change things
programs is
1) menu bar
2) tool bar
3) user-friendly
4) word processor
5) None of these

7. When you are
selecting a mouse for a particular computer system, what is the most important

1) The type of drivers that come with the mouse
2) The length of the mouse cord
3) The type of connector the mouse is equipped with
4) The number of buttons the mouse has
5) None of these

8. How is it possible
that both programs and data can be stored on the same floppy disk?
1) A floppy disk has two sides, one for data and one for
2) Programs and data are both software, and both can be
stored on any memory device.
3) A floppy disk has to be formatted for one or for the
4) Floppy disks can only store data, not programs.
5) None of the above

9. Numbers in table
columns are usually
1) right-aligned
2) left-aligned
3) justified
4) centered
5) None of these

10. A ________ is a
unique name that you give to a file of information.
1) folder
2) file name
3) file name extension
4) device letter
5) None of these


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