Computer Knowledge Quiz for IBPS Clerk VI Mains – 11

Hello and welcome to exampundit . Here is a set of Computer Knowledge Quiz for IBPS Clerk VI Mains.

1. Which of the following options is used to display information such as title, page number of the document?
(a) Insert Table
(b) Auto correct
(c) Thesaurus
(d) Spelling and grammar
(e) Header and Footer
2. The processor is a _____chip plugged onto the motherboard in a computer system.
(a) LSI
(b) VLSI
(c) ULSI
(d) XLSI
(e) WLSI
3. Which of the following will be used if a sender of e-mail wants to bold, italics etc the text message?
(a) Rich Signature
(b) Rich Text
(c) Rich Format
(d) Plain Format
(e) Plain Text
4. CPU is also called as?
(a) Microprocessor
(b) Execute
(c) Microchip
(d) Decoder
(e) Register
5. A menu contains a list of
(a) Commands
(b) Data
(c) Objects
(d) Reports
(e) Files
6. A command to get a file you worked on from the memory where it was stored
(a) Close
(b) Delete
(c) Open
(d) Get it
(e) Remove
7. A ______ is a collection of data that is stored electronically as a series of records in a table.
(a) Spreadsheet
(b) Presentation
(c) Database
(d) Web page
(e) File system
8. The software tools that enable a user to interact with a computer for specific purposes are known as?
(a) Hardware
(b) Networked softwares
(c) Sharewares
(d) Applications
(e) None of these
9. What is the term for unsolicited e-mail?
(a) Newsgroup
(b) Usenet
(c) Backbone
(d) Flaming
(e) Spam
10. Two or more Computers are Connected to each other for sharing Information form a?10
(a) Network
(b) Router
(c) Server
(d) Tunnel
(e) Pipeline


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