BOB Manipal Descriptive Topics 2016

Hello and welcome to exampundit . As you all have requested BOB Manipal Descriptive Topics, here is a list of top 9 descriptive topics for the upcoming exam.

  1. RBI Unified Payments Interface – Digital Empowerment
  2. India’s prime athletes failing in Rio 2016
  3. What are the possible measures for 2020-2024 Olympics?
  4. Craze over costly gadgets – Is it justified?
  5. India should take care of its water bodies. Comment.
  6. What are the necessary steps to curb currency counterfeiting in India?
  7. Rise of Start-Ups in India – Pros & Cons
  8. Spreading of Diseases Globally – How to stop them
  9. Genetically modified crops in India – Your views.

You can also download the Descriptive magazine shared by us for SBI PO Mains.


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