Banking & Financial Awareness Quiz 2016 – Abhinav

Hello and welcome to exampundit . Here is a set of Banking Awareness Quiz shared by Abhinav!

Q.1) The term ‘broad money’ is known as:                                                                                                        
a) M1                 
b) M2                     
c) M3           
d) M4
Q.2) What is an American depository receipt?                                                                     
a) An instrument denominated in US dollars                                                                                                    
b) An instrument issued to non-resident investors against
ordinary shares                                            
c) An instrument fulfilling the features given A and B 
d) A or B
Q.3) What is meant by the term reverse REPO out of the
a)  Injecting
liquidity by the central bank of a country through purchase of govt
b) absorption of liquidity from the market by sale of
government securities            
c) Balancing liquidity with a view to enhance economic
growth rate
d) improving the position of availability of the securities
in the market     
Q.4) Money lent for 15 days or more in inter-bank market is
a) Notice money                                                                                                                                 
b) Call money                                                                                      
c) Term money                                                                                                                                             
d) Share money
Q.5) Among the following which rate is decided   by the 
market conditions and not by RBI?    
a) Inflation rate                                             
b) Bank rate                                                                          
c) SLR                  
d) CRR

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Q.6) NABARD has been established on the recommendation
a) Justice verma committee                                                                                
b) Talwar committee                        
c) CRAFI CARD                                                                               
d) Tandon committee   
Q.7) Commercial paper is-                      
a) fully secured instrument                                                           
b) unsecured money market instrument                                                                                                
c) partly secured paper                                                                                                         
d) NOT
Q.8) Who are the major players in call money market?                                                                                   
a) Banks                                                                                                                                                          
b) insurance companies                                                            
c) Selected mutual funds                                                                                                                                         
d) All of the above
Q.9) ”Islamic Banking” is a term used for :                                                                                                 
a) Interest free deposits, investments                                                                           
b) Covering banking to muslims                                                                                                                 
c) covering Islamic nations                                                                                
d) NOT
Q.10) A reduction in cash reserve ratio(CRR) will result
a) increase in lendable resources of banks                                                                                                       
b) Will not impact the level of bank credit                                                                   
c) Increase in bank credit                                                                                                                     
d) Decrease in bank 


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