3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Vocabulary for Bank Exams

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. The most common thing we notice is Low Stock in Vocabulary. A lot of people have the basic grammatical knowledge but suffer in the vocabulary part. So what to do?

Do you need to buy tons of book, and get more confused? NOPE. Here are 3 most simple ways which will boost up your Vocabulary and give you more confidence.

To start, you need a tool. You can either use an App, WordWeb or you can just Google the words “Define Pundit” or “Exam Meaning” and Google will give you the definition with synonyms and antonyms.

News Paper Reading:

Sounds very simple. The newspapers are filled with good words. They are the richest source of words. Not only the words, you will also get the hint, how the words are used.

So, what you need to do? Get the Good News Papers, The Hindu, The Statesman, Financial Express, Business Standard, Economic Times. Read the articles, mark out words. The most vocabulary enriched section of the newspaper is Editorial. So go ahead and start picking out the words.

2. Read Good Books:

Books are the best friends. A book will help you to learn many things and Stock of Vocabulary, is one of them. Do read good books, not like “I met her when I had no internet” type of book. Writers like Stephen King, JRR Tolkein, David Baldacci, Dan Brown, Amish Tripathi use good words, and they will surely increase your vocabulary and make you classy.


3. Do Regular Crosswords:

Crosswords are the best source of vocabulary. Crosswords will not increase your vocabulary, they will also increase the patience, and how to deal with yourself in time management.

Newspapers, Online websites have a lot of Crosswords, solve them and you will surely be dreaming to participate in Spell Bee.

That’s all guys!! Happy Studying and Do share, comment and like!



Team ExamPundit


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