What is Group discussion and group exercise – SBI PO

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Since
the results of SBI PO Mains have been declared its time to gear up for the step
3 of this recruitment process i.e. Group Exercises and Personal Interview, as
mentioned in their recruitment notification.

has been a lot of speculation as what are the group exercises and how are they
different from group discussion. So, here we are breaking the ice and living up
to our name, explaining in detail all about the GD and GE.
of all, the GD and GE are two different exercises that will be conducted.
group discussion, all the aspirants will be divided into groups of 5, 6, or 7.
Then you will be given a topic for discussion. Each candidate will be given two
minutes to speak individually and then the discussion will be open among all.
The discussion will last for 10 minutes.

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the group exercises will start. Again the aspirants will be divided into
groups, may be same as the GD group or different. Then a situational based
question will be given to you with a series of actions that you have to place
in a logical order, as per your understanding. It will be important that all the
members of your group agree upon the same order of actions and should also be
able to give a reason behind the choice you have made.
Suppose you are a recruitment head in a company and you have to choose a
Security officer for you company. What skills and in which order will you look
forward to in the applicants?
  1. Communication skill
  2. Accounting
  3. Technical skills
  4. Trustworthiness
  5. Alertness
  6. Honesty

you, as a group has to come up with a logical order of the above mentioned
skills with a proper reason to it. Each individual will be asked questions
based on your choices.
the GD and GE a Personal Interview will also take place and the marks will be
given in cumulative form for all the three.

the best!!!

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    Aarushi Mathur