Weekly Topper’s List – GA and Computer Sectional

Hello and welcome to exampundit . Here is the Topper’s list from the General Awareness and Computer Knowledge Sectional Mocks. The 1st Test is topped by Sonali Dixit and the 2nd one is topped by Utsav Kumar. But wait, you can still get on to the top if you are able to beat their scores.

For the rest of the weekly topper’s list click here.


GA+Comp Sectional 2

If you still have not got the GA and Comp Sectional Tests, get it now!

  1. 8 Sectional Mocks containing General Awareness and Computer.
  2. The GA and Computers have separate timings i.e. 20 minutes for GA and 10 for Computer, total, 30 mins each mocks.
  3. Up to date questions. 
  4. In-depth Current Affairs Questions will have last 10 days current affairs.
  5. Every questions in GA has explanation.


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Team ExamPundit