Reasoning Quiz for UIIC AO 2016 – Set 1

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Reasoning Quiz for UIIC AO 2016 based on Statements and Courses of Action and Puzzle.

Directions (Q. 1-5):
A statement is given followed by three courses of action. A course of action is
for improvement, follow-up
etc. Read the statement carefully and pick the correct answer choice.
1. Statement: The
twenty-third death due to the cold wave was reported in the town ‘X’ and
amongst the deceased twenty were homeless people. — A report
Courses of action:
I. Municipal
corporation of city X should waive the entry fee for night shelters during
II. New shelters
should be built.
III. The timing
of night shelters should be extended.
1) All follow
2) Only I and II follow
3) Only II and III follow
4) Only I and III follow
5) None of these
2. Statement:
Women constables are attacked by teasers when they are a part of the special
team assigned to trap eve-teasers.
Courses of action:
I. Women should
stop taking part in such campaign.
II. The women
constables should be given a strong back-up force consisting of men constables
III. The women
constables should be equipped with revolvers and sharp knives.
1) Only I follows
2) Only II and III follow
3) Only II follows
4) Only III follows
5) None of these
3. Statement: A
painting worth `70 lakhs of a reputed painter has been stolen from an
exhibition of city Z.
Courses of action:
I. All painting
lovers should be called into police station for an enquiry.
II. Costly
paintings should not be allowed for exhibition.
III. An operation
for search should be started by the police after the lodging of an FIR.
1) Only I follows
2) Only II and III follow
3) Only I and III follow
4) All follow
5) None of these
4. Statement:
When all the citizens of country ‘X’ were expecting excellence from their team
in the forthcoming World Cup cricket tournament, defeat in the recently concluded
one-day series against country Y is a major jolt.
Courses of action:
I. Government
should immediately set up an enquiry commission to find out the reason for the
dismal performance of the cricket team of country X.
II. The players
should be advised to concentrate on regular practice.
III. Poor performers
should be replaced by good performers, who have shown their performance in domestic
1) Only I and III follow
2) Only II and III follow
3) Only II follows
4) Only III follows
5) None of these
5. Statement:
Free sales of foreign goods are harming indigenous industries.
Courses of action:
I. Import duties
on foreign goods should be increased.
II. Indigenous
industries should be given patronage by the government.
III. Foreign
goods should be duplicated to fulfil domestic demands of foreign goods.
1) All follow
2) Only I and II follow
3) Only II follows
4) Only I follows
5) None follows
Directions (Q. 6-7): Study
the following information carefully and answer the questions following it.
At a train station, Chatterjee’s family is saying goodbye to
Khanna’s family. But it is not known who is leaving and who is staying. Each of
the members of the Chatterjee family says farewell to each of the members of
the Khanna family. To say good-bye, two men shake hands, but a man and a women
kiss once on the cheek and so do two women. An eyewitness to the event counted
21 handshakes and 34 kisses.
6. How many men were saying good-bye?
1) 6
2) 7
3) 8
4) 9
5) None of these
7. How many women were saying good-bye?
1) 6
2) 7
3) 8
4) 9
5) None of these



1. I is advisable because this will facilitate the homeless to fight against cold wave. II is also advisable because it will provide shelter to some more people. III is also advisable because extending timing of night shelter will give some more relief to the homeless.
2. I is not advisable because it will adversely affect the campaign. II is advisable because it will bolster support to the women constable. III is not advisable because cases of casualty will increase.
3. I is impractical. II is ridiculous. Hence, neither I nor II follows. But III follows because it is the right way of action.
4. Only I and II follow. I is a advisable because it will be helpful in taking measures to make reform in the performance of the team. II is also advisable because practice makes a man perfect. III is not advisable since it is a matter of World Cup and newcomers will take some time to adjust themselves.
5. I does not follow because it is not appropriate in a globalised, WTO-regulated world. II follows, however. III is an act of piracy and therefore needs to be condemned.
The number of handshakes and kisses add up to 55. Each member of Chatterjee family said goodbye to each member of Khanna family. If we multiply the number of members of both families, the result should be 55.
There are two possibilities.
  1. 55 = 11 × 5 (One family with 11 members and other one with 5)
  2. 55 = 55 × 1 (Which is not possible, since a family is not formed by only one person)
We now analyse the handshakes following the same procedure.
There are two possibilities:
  1. 21 = 7 × 3 (7 men in one family and 3 in the other)
  2. 21 = 21 × 1 (Which is not possible, because none of these families has so many members, as seen above)
Therefore, one family is formed by 7 men and 4 women and the other by 3 men and 2 women.


  1. Gaurav Monga – 7/7
  2. Sourav – 5/5
  3. Chitrarth – 6/7


Team ExamPundit