Obstacles are what you see when you take your eye off the goal

So here I am back on EP with an article to help my friends!! ☺

I have been thinking of sending my success story to EP since long but could not because of various reasons.
I am Nisha Gautam, settled in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Currently working in United India Insurance Co. Ltd. as an Assistant, I am still preparing for other exams as I feel I can do better! My GOAL is to be with RBI or NABARD. I am married and have a 6-month old baby girl, Vanshika and it becomes very difficult to prepare for exams ☹
Till date after maternity leave, I have appeared for SBI PRE, SBI PO MAINS, IBPS PO PRE, NABARD DA PRE. Honestly speaking I gave all these exams without any kind of practice and preparation.
(Meri preparation jo last year Clerk Mains tak ki bas wahi hai dimaag me uske aage kabhi pen and paper uthake questions practice nahi kiye hain, coz baad me delivery aa gayi and uske baad maternity leave and baby and health concerns!! Phir bhi 12 June ko main UIIC AO deke aayi ghar se bahut dur center aya tha, 6 weeks hue the sirf delivery ko… unfortunately failed)
I very well know, no one will believe that I give exams without preparation, but luckily or what I have been qualifying in all the exams I have appeared till date :
SBI PRE – Cleared
SBI PO Mains – GA (5.5 marks) failed, (I know this is my weakest point and regular preparation chaiye iske liye but main nahi kar pa rahi ☹ jis din ye strong ho gaya uss din sab exams phod dungi :P)
IBPS PO PRE – Cleared
NABARD DA – attempts 82, (hoping for a positive result)
Upcoming exams for me are IBPS PO MAINS, NIACL AO, RBI ASSISTANT.
(Last year RBI assistant was the first exam I gave after proper preparation, did 160, but reault aane pe chakkar khake gir gayi thi, and then I realized ke this is not enough, try for maximum attempts, isliye iss baar apna 100% dena hai)
I am struggling to find time for preparation for high level reasoning and GA and Quant , but what I can say is only I can and I need to adjust according to my schedule. Since married and working, daily routine is very hectic, with weekends we need to give time to family and society, so even weekends are packed, but somehow I go through EP CA notes in my cell phone some day, or just before exams I take a day off from office and try to go through the CA quizzes so that kuchh toh yaad reh jaye! (I know this is not even 10% to clear GA section but mere paas koi choice nahi hai) Newspaper read karti hun kabhi toh utna yaad reh jata hai but daily time nahi mil pata read karne ka ☹
So I cannot say how one should prepare with married life and job but one has to find out some way or the other depending on one’s circumstances!! My husband is very co-operative and even my family members(my parents and in-laws both), everyone supports me in my goals ☺
I can help in solving queries I can but cannot guide in what I am lagging behind!!
Just one very important mantra for doing your best – Cut-off and attempts sab moh maya hai , do your best, jitney questions kar sako aap hi ka fayda hai ☺
Wishing you good luck, may the joy and force be with you ☺


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