Hello and welcome to exampundit. Have you ever felt like you are after
something really badly but something keeps you away from it. Some sort of force
always pulls you away from your object of affection. And even if you are constantly
trying super hard to get close to it, you fail every time. Every time there is
a feeling in your heart that you did give your hundred percent but your time
was not favourable.

And over that there are expectations of your
family and even more troubling is the pressure of society. Let’s face it, we
want or not, we do get affected by all these things and they make a huge impact
on our actions sometimes. We let us drown in the things they say to us which
are just…some things. Most of the times or probably ever, people don’t even
remember what they say to whom and what mark it left on their minds.
So, the question is why? Why do we let other
people control our thoughts? Or in a sense our lives? Let’s just get one thing
straight. The people talking in such a manner are never going to understand the
struggle you are going through and neither are they going to contribute in your
success one bit.
You will get to hear things like you are good
for nothing and you have done nothing worth appreciating in your life. You know
what? These people will never see what you have overcome. But what they succeed
in doing is playing with our mind and thus affecting our preparations, because
we let them do that.

Today, promise me and yourselves that the only
thing that you will let your preparation affect is motivation and tons of
positive energy. Because if we know that everything affects everything, why not
the positive souls give a chance. They surely will do wonders, trust me.


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Team ExamPundit