Motivational Monday Episode 13- WHAT IS LUCK?

Hello and welcome to exampundit. ‘Kismat me nahi hoga!’ ‘Iski to kismet hi
kharab hai!’ Kismat k aage kisi ka zor nahi chalta’ ‘Hard luck!’

one of us must have come across at least one of the above phrases. Sometimes it
is from our near and dear ones and sometimes they are the reflections of our
own thoughts. So today, let us talk about luck!
I was younger, I always thought we are rewarded for the amount of work we do,
nothing more nothing less. But then, life happened! I gradually understood that
everyone is in some or the other way bounded by luck. But, I also learned that
luck comes to work only after your work is over. And harder you work, shinier
your luck is going to be.
very famous Oprah Winfrey once quoted, “Luck is a matter of preparation meeting
opportunity.” I find it very apt for the students like us. If we are prepared
to face any exam, the opportunity will be alluring. You only have to execute
whatever you have prepared and the luck will be on your side for sure. The ones
who are not prepared are often found saying, “Ye waali job kismet mein hi nahi thi.”

people seem to be luckier than others. Why? Because they are willing to take
chances. They are willing to risk it all out and see what happens. They are prepared
for the bad, if it happens. But if they succeed, they are called lucky. Good
Luck is just a residue of all your hard work!
is in no one’s hand but the decisions are. If you decide to work hard, you will
most definitely overcome hard luck. In case of students like us, we have
nothing to lose, then why not count the possibilities in front of us? No day is
the lucky day to get started. The day you decide to get started is your lucky
time does not stop for any one and neither is it constant, so isn’t luck. Today
might seem to be hard but tomorrow will not be the same. Always remember, luck
works only when you do.



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Team ExamPundit