Marketing Aptitude Quiz for SBI PO Mains 2015 – Set 7

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a set of Marketing Quiz for SBI PO Mains 2015. We will be giving Marketing Quiz on a regular basis from now!

1. CRM (Customer
Relationship Management) is __________
(a) a pre-sales activity
(b) a tool for lead generation
(c) an ongoing daily activity
(d) the task of a DSA
(e) customer complaints
2. Recurring accounts
can best be canvassed among _______________
(a) Farmers
(b) Traders
(c) Salaried
(d) Minors
(e) Students
3. ELSS means
(a) Entry Load Shares Scheme
(b) Entry Load Starting Shares
(c) Equity Linked Savings Scheme
(d) Equity Linked Shares Sold
(e) Employee Level Salary Scheme
4. Societies and
Trusts are the target groups for opening _________
(a) Current Accounts
(b) Savings Accounts
(c) Car Loan Accounts
(d) Corporate Loan Accounts
(e) Education Loan Accounts
5. De-mat accounts
are useful for __________
(a) Online trading of shares
(b) Locker operations
(c) ATMs
(d) Quick sanction of loans
(e) Exports transactions
6. Home Loans are
basically __________
(a) Short term finance
(b) Loans given to minors
(c) Long term loans
(d) Loans given for boosting profits
(e) Loans given more to industries
7. What does the term
HUF means?
(a) Hindu Undivided Family
(b) Hindu Single Family
(c) Heavy Facilities
(d) Hindered Remittances
(e) Term is used for failed transactions

8. EMI can be a
marketing tool if __________
(a) EMI is increasing
(b) it is very high
(c) It is very low
(d) EMI has no impact on marketing
(e) EMI is a flat rate
9. Channel Finance
can be consider only among ___________
(a) Supply-chain distributors
(b) Chain snatchers
(c) NRIs
(d) Pensioners
(e) House wives
10. Direct Marketing
is useful for ____________
(a) Designing Products
(b) Sending e-mails
(c) Increased production
(d) Increased job opportunities
(e) None of these
11. The pricing
strategy for credit cards depends on ___________
(a) Competition
(b) Customer’s income
(c) Customer Relations
(d) Customer awareness
 (e) Customer usage
12. Offsite Marketing
means ____________
(a) Sales persons
(b) Marketing in the Production Department
(c) ATMs
(d) Marketing inside the Branch
(e) Marketing function outside the Branch
13. One of the
following is not a Target group for Savings Accounts ___________
(a) Salaries persons
(b) Doctors
(c) Public Servants
(d) Insurance agents
(e) Loss making companies
14. Rural bank
marketing has good scope for ___________
(a) Industrial loans
(b) Corporate loans
(c) NRI loans
(d) Tractor loans
(e) All of the above
15. ASBA accounts are
type of _____________
(a) Loan accounts
(b) Credit card facilities
(c) Savings accounts
(d) Export- Import remittances
(e) Internet Banking


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