Young generation’s role in curbing pollution – Essay for SBI PO Mains & BOB Manipal

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Young generation’s role in curbing pollution

A few days back, there was an interview being aired on television where a 20 something boy was talking about the pollution on the Mumbai beaches. He had been working on cleaning up the beaches in Mumbai for the past 3 years and he was awarded for the same.

Lately, there have been a lot of people coming up and raising their voices against pollution which is appreciable. The major part of population in our country being the young generation i.e. in the range of 20-40, they are most influential source and this should be put to use.


Pollution is one of major concerns for our country nowadays. With all the innovations and introduction to undiscovered things, the impacts of it on the environment has been long ignored. The nature has started taking back all that has been modified in all these years in the form of natural disasters.

The fact is that no matter how many rules and regulation are brought in but they will only impact when there is a voice behind it. Youth being the future inhabits of mother earth, can become that enthusiastic and impactful voice.

There are several ways in which this can be done. A small change in lifestyle, making people aware of the impacts, raising their voices against the wrong, and promoting recycling are to name a few.

A minor step towards this cause can bring major revolution. Although it is the responsibility of people from all ages but the expectations from youth are high because of their impact nature. The need of time is to shift our focus to important things like saving the nature because the world is definitely not completely ready to fight the natural disasters that would come if we don’t start doing something now.



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