What to Study for SSC CGL 2016 – WITH FREE MOCK TEST

Hello and welcome to exampundit .  The
CGLE 2016 is on the way. The detailed syllabus of CGLE 2016 is already provided
by our mentor GAURAV. 

You can find it here-

all know the syllabus of this examination is quite vast and thus we need some
smart strategy to fetch maximum marks in the tier 1 examination. Now, let us
discuss how to study and what to study topic wise.
1. English-This
section is the most mark fetching in the shortest span of time. But, the
disadvantage is a short term preparation will not fetch marks, rather it will
lessen your marks if you attempt the questions with random guessing. Basic
grammar and vocabulary is the soul of this section. For grammar, any basic high
school grammar book will suffice, provided you clear your concepts and don’t
just mug up the formats. Vocabulary, idioms and phrases are a vast ocean. So,
I, suggest solving all the previous year questions will be quite helpful. With
addition to this keep learning new words everyday. Keep repeating reading the
words on a daily basis because vocabulary and idioms and phrases cannot be
improved by mugging up meanings. Moreover, the reading comprehension questions
are sometimes confusing. The questions regarding the theme, suitable title of
the passage should be answered only if you are 100% sure of it.
2. Reasoning-The
reasoning section has always followed the same trend. Easy syllogisms, number
puzzles, analogy, and other miscellaneous ones. The best way to prepare for
this section is solving the last year papers religiously with full
concentration .This will make us acquainted with the pattern, the level. Then,
various questions form books, mocks can be practiced to have a grip over it and
solve it in minimum time. In reasoning, there are no guesses. You can answer it
only if u understand the question.
3. General
– This is the most fearful yet most mark fetching section.
Its syllabus is vast. It includes science, computer, economics, social science,
stock GK, etc. The basic syllabus of this section always hovers around the
NCERT syllabus.  But, reading the NCERT
books will not be much helpful. Have a look on last year papers, try to know
the pattern, the frequency of topics asked. You should mark up the topics from
NCERTs (9th and 10th minimum, if time permits 8th
too) and then have a detailed study of it by relating the contents with GK
books you have with you. The most important point I would like to highlight
here is mere mugging up of LUCENT or any other GK book will not fetch you
benefits, unless your memory is as sharp as SWAMI VIVEKANANDA. Because in the GK
books, all the contents are almost superficial. They will throw up a new term
and new fact, but you will not find the meaning or any other required detail
relating to the new thing you just came across. Hence, have a detailed study of
the topic and then brush up through the GK book, so that you are sure you did
not skip anything. Believe me, you will feel the difference if u follow this
approach and it is not at all time taking. We still have plenty time to start from
scratch if you are determined enough .I will personally suggest to follow the
ULTIMATE GK pdf by EXAMPUNDIT.I have read it and yes got the benefits. This
book does not burden you up with random terms and facts to memorize. Everything
is well planned and detailed. You can skip reading may chapters of NCERT if you
read this PDF thoroughly.
can find the pdf here

4. Mathematics
– For mathematics, the one and only best way is first
revise all formulae, theorems of the chapters. And then, blindly just fetch a
book with all last year questions and start solving. Because questions are
always repeated. Especially the simplifications are always repeated. So, we can
also hope for some repetitions. After solving the previous year stuffs, you
will get a clear idea of what is actually being asked in this section. Then,
you can shift to NCERT books and solve them chapter wise. This much effort is
sufficient for TIER 1. But make sure, you solve varieties of questions and know
the minimum tricks of number systems, surds, and other topics. Because,
sometimes solving the simplifications, number system, surds and indices
conventionally will eat away much time.  
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  1. Go
    through previous year questions before starting up with anything.
  2. Do not
    make any random attempts in English and GK. It will drastically reduce your
  3. Never
    think of Cutoff. Try to score as much as possible. If you score more, you are
    the one who will get benefits in the next rounds.


S Dixit.