What to Study for IBPS Clerk Prelims 2015

Hello and welcome to ExamPunditSo, IBPS Clerk is coming up next and we received plenty of
request and suggestions to provide a Study Plan for IBPS Clerk 2015. So here is
the Study Plan for IBPS Clerk 2015 Preliminary Exam.

For IBPS Clerk Prelims Quantitative Aptitude, you
need to practice a lot of Simplifications. The time is less, so there will be
plenty of calculations which will test your time management skills as well as
calculation ability. For this, Simplification and Approximations are the
perfect tool.
On the other hand, Data Interpretation needs to be practiced
but not the PO level ones. Questions based on Time and Work, Time and Distance,
Profit & Loss, Ages, Compound & Simple Interest are Important. For
these chapters, you need to focus on speed and calculations.
Time management is the key. So practice Simplifications at
least an hour regularly.
Keep an eye on your speed, do the problems from each
chapters and write down the time taken. This will help you keep a track of your
speed and analyse how much are you improving.
Comprehension will be the key to unlock maximum marks in English. To ace
comprehension, you need to read a lot. Every time you visit a News Website,
read articles and write down the time taken. Do this several times to achieve a
desired speed which will boost up your confidence level before your exam.
Grammar is important when it comes to Sentence Improvement
and Fill in the Blanks as well as Cloze Test. So, learn the basic grammars and
those who have already done that, just keep practicing.
Go through the Editorials of The Hindu, The NY Times,
Economic Times and Business Standard
news papers. Whenever you find some word,
just write it down. It will rapidly increase your stock of words.

Reasoning: For
Reasoning, one must practice plenty of Puzzles and Seating Arrangements.
Puzzles test your time management skills which is the sole purpose of Prelims.
So, you need to focus on moderate levels of Puzzles and Seating Arrangements.
On the other hand, focus on Syllogisms and Direction Tests,
Blood Relation problems and Coding Decoding. Two hours of regular reason
practice will lift up your confidence and help you score maximum at the speed
of light.
Time Management is the key, so focus and maintain a time
chart. Write down how many problems you are solving in 10 minutes, then make it
20 minutes. This way you will be seeing how are you performing in the long run (i.e.
60 minutes).
Study Smart and Work Hard. All the best.
May the Force be with You.


Team ExamPundit


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