Vocabulary Test – Synonyms – Set 3

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Read the following words and try to find their synonym from the options. It is very important as it usually appears in the Bank Exams with Comprehensions.

1. Unusual :
(A) Uncommon
(B) Unnatural
(C) Unpleasant
(D) Unwanted
(E) Insignificant
2. Subject :
(A) Topic
(B) People
(C) Crime
(D) Ruler
(E) Provide
3. Handled :
(A) Reported
(B) Settled
(C) Tackled
(D) Punished
(E) Judged
4. Displayed :
(A) Exhibited
(B) Kept
(C) Rested
(D) Removed
(E) Sold
5. Conducive :
(A) Prohibitive against
(B) Helping to reduce
(C) Prove to minimise
(D) Tending to promote
(E) Helping to deteriorate
6. Congregation :
(A) Succession
(B) Progression
(C) Assemblage
(D) Patronage
(E) Association
7. Fortify :
(A) Racial
(B) Destroy
(C) Reproduce
(D) Strengthen
(E) Generate
8. Ethnic :
(A) Racial
(B) Indigenous
(C) Patriotic
(D) Colourful
(E) Hereditary
9. Fragile :
(A) Valid
(B) Delicate
(C) Frank
(D) Incapable
(E) Unit
10. Precinct :
(A) Religion
(B) Priest
(C) Apartment
(D) Preceding
(E) Vicinity
11. Amenable :
(A) Truthful
(B) Pleasant
(C) Pliable
(D) Generous
(E) Responsible
12. Impending :
(A) Delayed
(B) Imminent
(C) Dangerous
(D) Catastrophic
(E) Dominating
13. Admonish :
(A) Scold
(B) Pacify
(C) Display
(D) Warn
(E) Appeal
14. Annex :
(A) Possess
(B) Retrench
(C) Combine
(D) Add
(E) Heighten
15. Commemorate :
(A) Manipulate
(B) Harmonise
(C) Remember
(D) Boast
(E) Lament
16. Meticulous :
(A) Slow
(B) Secretive
(C) Lazy
(D) Very careful
(E) Very negative
17. Posterity :
(A) Prosperity
(B) Future generations
(C) The wealthy
(D) Art connoisseurs
(E) Food connoisseurs
18. Gainsaying :
(A) Forgetting
(B) Denying
(C) Ignoring
(D) Hiding
(E) Protesting
19. Domineering :
(A) Sick and unhealthy
(B) Tending to order people about
(C) Nagging
(D) Incapable of affection
(E) Incapable of hatred
20. Alleged:
(A) Said
(B) Boasted
(C) Proved
(D) Gossipped
(E) Professed

Study hard as the Standard will be raised within few days!


Team ExamPundit


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