UIIC AO – Descriptive Contest – Part 4

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is the 3rd part of UIIC AO 2016 Descriptive Contest.


  1. The future of Insurance in India
  2. Indian Agriculture needs an Organic Revolution
  3. Role of Insurance Aggregators in Insurance Sectors
  4. Write a letter to the newspaper editor on how insurance companies need to raise awareness to curb down rejection of claims
  5. Insurance for Large Infrastructure Projects – Your views
  6. Write a letter to your friend expressing your views on the rise of Gadget Insurance in India


  1. Make it short and simple – 250-320 words
  2. Do not copy paste from other places – If found, it will not be evaluated
  3. Try to maintain a watch. Cheating here is cheating yourself.
  4. Do Not mention any Controversial topic or Abusive word

How to Participate?
1. Write your essay/letter in MS Word
2. Share it with us at [email protected]
3. The last date to share the essay/letter is 3 June midnight.

You can send more than one topic.


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All the best.


Team ExamPundit