Top 30 GD Topics for SBI Associates PO 2015

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. We did a thorough research on various topics which are important for the upcoming SBI Associates PO GD and prepared a list of Important GD Topics in SBI Associates PO.

Here are the Top 30 GD Topics for Banking Group Discussion:

1. Is Civil Nuclear Deal a necessity for India?
2. Wind Power vs Solar Energy
3. India need more Women Entrepreneurs
4. Is IPL diminishing the Test Cricket in India?
5. Swachch Bharat Campaign and How fruitful it is?
6. Are the Western Countries responsible for the Rise of ISIS (Sydney Siege + Charlie Hebdo)
7. Smart Phones : Necessity in daily life?
8. Common Syllabus for Schools across India
9. Is India a Secular or Religious or Biased country?
10. Chit Funds should be monitored more strictly in India
11. India needs more MOM projects
12. Should Air Traffic be more concerned about Safety of the passengers?
13. E-Governance in India
14. Should only Gandhiji be in Indian Rupees Notes?
15. Pre-School is becoming a necessary?
16. Social Media – New Way of Expressing Your Speech?
17. Indian Film Industry should be less censored
18. Government should monitor Advertisements in Television
19. Government Customer Support should be Privatized
20. Should the Governments of Big Countries spend on Poor rather than spending on Mass Destruction?
21. Cultural Reform, Strict Laws or Educational Reforms which is necessary for Women Safety?
22. Rapid Industrialisation Damaged the Global Climate
23. Bullet Trains in India
24. Transgender in India
25. Is Government just renaming the old schemes?
26. Make In India or Invented in India?
27. Should MS Dhoni only be blamed for India’s poor performance in the overseas tours?
28. The Rise of E-Commerce – Good or Bad?

29. Electronic Transactions in Banking – A Success or Failure?
30. The Teachings of Gandhiji is valid in today’s world?

These are the most important topics for any upcoming GD and especially SBI Associates PO GD.

If you have any questions regarding any of the topic please comment below. If you want to express or know any For or Against Points for any of the topic, comment.

All the best.


Team ExamPundit