The Story of Akarash Khare aka Optimus Prime

Hello everyone, this is Akarsh Khare aka Optimus Prime. I’ve been part of EP since 2015 and it has been great learning experience. The best thing is that everyone is willing to help one another. I made  friends here, I thank them for helping me.

I did my graduation in 2012. After that I was looking for any job so learned Web Development and did a job in that until 2013. But I realised that pvt job is not my thing.

I began my banking exam preparation from 2014 onwards. I had given IPBS PO in 2013 but missed the written cutoff by 2 marks as I wasn’t prepared well so I thought that next time I can clear the cutoff and I did. But in 2014 there were many exams that I gave and couldn’t clear any of them. My family were getting impatient and started telling me that leave this and find a job in IT but IBPS PO 2014 kept my hopes alive.

In 2015 I appeared for my first ever banking interview. I couldn’t get through as written marks were low. Next success was IDBI Manipal PO, but couldn’t make it to the final list. Then came RBI Assistant 2015, I cleared written and interview went well, but missed the final list by 3-4 marks. This was very disappointing for me. Then for the first time I applied for both IBPS PO and Clerk. As usual I cleared PO mains and appeared for Interview. About IBPS clerk I was sure about clearing as it was similar to RBI Assistant.

In 2016 I gave LIC AAO, I thought this was my best performance in any written exam. Then came the Judgement Day, 1 April 2016. The results of IBPS PO, Clerk and LIC AAO came out on the same day. PO and AAO brought disappointment but I cleared IBPS Clerk and got PNB.

A new journey began after selection in PNB. Had a great time in training and initial days of posting. But as you learn work you get more work. But I kept on my preparations and appeared for IBPS PO 2016 and IPPB. I used the exp. of PO and did a little better in IPPB mains and cleared both. But the bad luck continues and I wasn’t in the final list of both.

In PNB I was posted in a rural area and clearing any other exam was my escape plan from there, as transfer is not possible before 2 years. One fine day I got a mail from IPPB. At first I thought it was a notification for next year’s exam but later I found out that it was the offer letter from IPPB. Apparently there was a waiting list which I wasn’t aware of, it was cleared and finally I got in.

There are few things which I learned from experience during preparation time.

Never doubt your abilities– A single bit of doubt can be dangerous. A doubt by looking at hard puzzle may arise thoughts that whole paper might be tough and you may not be able to do well even when there were some doable questions.

Do not panic during exams – If an exam is tough it is tough for everyone. So be cool and do whichever questions you can attempt.

Form your own strategy – Do not rely on someone else’s strategy, follow your own instincts. For instance, I used save time to attempt Quant at last because I was bit slow in it. But many used to do it first. These strategies you can try and test during mocks.

Don’t give in to your emotions – I’ve studied SI and CI so I’ll do this question no matter what it takes. DON’T do that. Let go of your ego, every question carries same mark so do the one which can be done quickly.

Be a Self-Motivator – No one can push you better than yourself. You have to become better than yourself. For instance in last exam or mock if you scored 20/30 then this time try for 25/30. If you are able to achieve such short goals you will fell progressing. This will motivate you. Remember slow and steady wins the race.

I have seen many failures in these years but one should keep moving forward to achieve something.

As quoted by Rocky Balboa –

It is not about how hard you hit,

It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.

That’s how winning is done.


In the end a quote by my favourite Optimus Prime

Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing.

Think over it and keep preparing.

When failure strikes remember this:

Good luck