The rise of Machine Learning and the future of Human Work – Essay for SBI & BOB PO

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Today we are sharing an essay on “The rise of Machine Learning and the future of Human Work” for SBI PO Mains and BOB Manipal 2018.

The rise of Machine Learning and the future of Human Work

There was a time when people used to pull bullock cart like animals. Tons of pile on their shoulders may be double or triple their own weight and they had to carry it for miles. It was a way of earning living for so many but now there are vehicles to do this work. The machines have overtook the burden of so many lives. They have saved people from overburdening themselves inhumanly. Nowadays our world is run majorly by machines.

The voice of the chicken that used to wake up in the mornings have been replaced by alarm clocks in our mobiles. The gas stoves have replaced the old stoves made of bricks. We have our vehicles to commute from one place to another rather than waiting for the carts being pulled by animals or sometimes even people. The banks have shifted from the manual record keeping to computerized data feeding. Every field of our life has been occupied by several small and big machines and we cannot imagine a world without them now.

But there is also a flip side to it because everything comes with a price. In this machine era, we have become so dependent on the machines that rule our lives that we have unknowingly compromised with our health. The physical activities of a person has reduced to non-existent. Earlier the work that required huge human labor is now done within seconds with the help of machine. Although, this is brought so much development in our world but totally depending of machines have also caused physical and financial losses in past.

The future of human work is dependent on machines but awakening about the health hazards that come with the package should be pondered upon too because we should remember that machines would work efficiently only with human supervision. Without that, it may be a disaster or of no use at all.


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