The pros and cons of social media in daily lives – Essay for SBI PO & BOB Manipal

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The pros and cons of social media in daily lives

Over the past decade, the world around us has changed the way of communication. It has almost completely shifted online. From getting our groceries to catching up with old friends, we do it all online. The urge being present on the social media has taken over the want of being socially present. But time and again we need to remind ourselves about the cons of it besides enjoying the pros. Some of the pros and cons of social media are listed below.


  1. The approach of social media is not only limited to cherishing friendships and posting pictures. It has emerged as the new face of marketing. With a wide audience it is also cheap and easy way of reaching the masses.
  2. The instant update on everything going around the world is given through different forms of social media. So it is also a great way of keeping yourself posted.
  3. Instant feedback and problem solving has become so handy with the presence of social media. The customer queries are never left unanswered.
  4. It lets you document your life in whatever manner you like. It is great place to store your memories.
  5. Promoting anything you do has become hassle free and almost priceless in the era of social media.


  1. It demands your time and a lot of it. The more time your commit to it, more favourable results you are likely to achieve in terms of business.
  2. The returns are highly unpredictable. You can’t really asses the feasibility of the project you are working on for social media platforms.
  3. Studies show that it has shown major negative impacts on the mental and physical health of people. The addiction of social media is at par with drugs these days. The problems of social disruption and unhealthy lifestyle habits have escalated.
  4. We can never be completely sure of the information we see on the social media because of its nature of being open to all, anyone is free to post anything.
  5. There can be some privacy concerns too if utmost care in sharing any information is not taken. People have become prey to it in the past and social media education has still not taken as seriously as it should be.

Every coin has a flip side, so does social media. If used with care, it can bring wonders to your life, otherwise it might also result in a life wrecking monster.




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