Study Plan & Time Management Strategy for IBPS PO VI Prelims

Hello and welcome to exampundit . IBPS PO Prelims is perhaps the
second most anticipated examination after SBI Clerk 2016 this year. 18 more
days to go for the showdown. So here is an article on the final 15 days preparation plan
for IBPS PO VI along with a time-management strategy for the examination

Firstly, how much do you need to
study? We have always suggested that studying very hard for a long time does
not define the quality of your preparation. Its all about how much you are utilizing and what is your strategy.
For those who work, spending 4
hours for studies is very hectic. In the coming two weeks, it is highly
recommended to study smart. Which means, dedicate 2 hours at least to the preparation
and utilize as much as possible.
So, if you are studying 2 hours on a
regular basis, give 1 hour to mock test, 30 minutes to the subject you find
toughest and 15-15 each to the favorite and moderate level subject
For eg, if you are strong in
reasoning but find English very hard, make sure you give first 15 minutes to Reasoning(Fav) to keep your positivity up and then
30 minutes to English( use the positivity to prepare best)
and last 15
minutes to the 2nd best subject or the one which is neutral in terms
of love/hate.
Now, what are the important things to study?
1) Its all about managing the
time and attempting maximum correct within 1 hour. So rather than practicing
extremely difficult questions, focus on things which will consume time. Once you improve your calculation speed,
fix a strategy
, you can achieve 100% of your target.
2) For the subjects, the following
chapters are advised:
i) Reasoning: Puzzles, Puzzles &
plenty of Puzzles; Direction Test; Blood Relation Test; Coding & Decoding
and Inequalities.
ii) Quantitative Aptitude: Profit & Loss; Interest; Partnership; Quadratic
Equations; Data Interpretations.
iii) English: Comprehension; Cloze Test;
Sentence Rearrangements; Double Fillers.
What should be the perfect strategy for the IBPS PO VI Prelims?
When it comes to prelims exam, everyone
has their own strategy. However, some of the strategies don’t work out on the judgment
day. So what should be the most accurate strategy for PO Prelims?
Every one of us has one difficult
aka least favorite subject among the three. So firstly, you have to sort it
out. Then you have to strategically put that subject (difficult one) in the lot so that you can make the most of 60
Now, there are 2 different ways
to attempt and score maximum. But before we go to that part, you have to decide
one thing. What is your target? We hate to talk about cut-offs because that is wasting
your time as well as creating a nervous situation.
But you must have a GOAL. A goal
which will help you strategize your attempts. So if you have a goal of
attempting 60, then divide it as per the need. You can either divide 20-20-20
or you can make it 20-15-25. Its upto you but don’t go below 12 for ANY
We recommend a minimum of 58 and
maximum of 68 for Prelims
Now, you can either approach,
i) Your Strong
Section – Weak Section – 2nd Strong Section
ii) Your 2nd Strong
Section – Strong Section – Weak Section
Either way, your basic target
should be securing maximum marks.
If English is your strong
section, start with English and secure maximum in the section then move to your
second strong section, and secure as much as possible.
If you are strong, you will be
fast enough. So, in that way, you will be able to score maximum by taking
lesser time.
The attempt strategy should have
the following things, but how will you approach will depend solely on you.
To implement your strategy, use
. Also use our
time-management focused tests
to challenge your limits and create a tense
situation before going for the exams.
All the best!! Give your best!
If you have any materials
query/need, mail us at [email protected]
May the force be with you.


Team ExamPundit