Strategy to improve Maths score in SSC CGL Tier-1 Exams 2017

Of all the lucrative job options, available in
the current scenario, SSC CGL has the greatest number of aspirants. This
examination is one of the most contested and yet most revered recruitment
examination at the graduate level. This exam is entrusted with hiring eligible
graduates for various crucial public domains. The level of opportunities
available in this examination is just exemplary if seen through the lens of
available vacancies and the types of jobs that are offered if one successfully
clears various levels of this examination.
The pattern for SSC CGL exam was changed in 2016. The major overhaul saw some very crucial changes like the
introduction of online examinations and also the replacement of interview round
with Tier-3. The first round, Tier 1 has also changed a great deal in terms of
number of questions asked and the time allotted for them. This shift in the
exam design has left all the usual and pre-made strategies out of the window as
the new pattern requires a lot of extra thinking in terms of preparation.
The new pattern means that in the Maths
section of SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam 2017, there will be 25 questions. Each question
would carry two marks and half a mark would be deducted if the answer marked is
erroneous. This changed pattern is important to be given heed to as while this
allows more marks to be scored for each correct marks, the penalty is also
doubled for wrong answers.
Maths section is amongst the most scoring
sections in the four sections of SSC CGL Tier-1 as the aspirant can be sure
about the concepts that are required for the solving and also the answers are
quantifiable. So it is important that this section is prepared with extra care,
so as to reap maximum score out of the 50 marks allotted to it.
Let us see some of the important tips that
might help in preparation.
  • Maths section in
    SSC CGL has a lot of geometry questions. This part of the paper can be mastered
    through increased practice sessions and also by going through the mostly asked
    questions. If one masters this topic then the scores would soar even in the
    Tier-2 paper as a big chunk of the paper is made out of geometry section in the
    Tier-1 as well as Tier-2 papers.
  • Mensuration is
    one topic that has held constant favor amongst the paper setters of SSC CGL.
    This topic has appeared gracefully and yet in large numbers in all the recent
    papers. Therefore, it is important that this topic be prepared well in advance
    and also with great care as you’ll keep coming across during the various stages
    of the paper. Also, this topic appears prominently in all the major competitive
    papers and therefore, it is a major advantage if one masters this portion.
  • The candidates
    who do not enough expertise in handling the trigonometry questions should make
    sure to practice that section a lot more now. This section saw one of the
    highest number of questions in 2016 Tier-1 paper and thus will hold excess
    weightage in the preparation strategy for this year paper as well. This part
    also includes the questions from heights and distances.
  • The topics with
    arithmetic part of mathematics too hold a great level of reverence in the
    Tier-1 paper. This portion includes some of the most important topics like
    profit & loss, percentages, interests etc. These topics are interrelated
    and can be mastered with careful preparation. Therefore it is important for the
    candidates to make a schedule to prepare these sections. Percentages are the
    most important part of arithmetic as all other sections are directly or
    indirectly dependent on your knowledge of percentages.
  • Data
    Interpretation section is the easiest to score and thus amongst the most
    important part of the preparation for the maths section for SSC CGL Tier-1
    2017. The questions in this section are basically based on your knowledge about
    the other topics like percentages and ratios. This means that the candidates
    can ace this part of the paper through their knowledge of the other parts like
    arithmetic. As per 2016, this section made up for 20 % of the total maths
    paper; that’s indeed a staggering proportion.
  • Some topics like
    time, speed and distance usually have the similar patterned questions over the
    years and thus it is easier for the candidates to prepare for them, just by
    keeping a tab on the old papers and preparation material. These topics bring
    the most predictable questions in the paper and thus there is no harm in trying
    to make these topics strength during the preparation of the paper.
  • The questions
    from number system can be increasingly tricky in the paper, if not practiced
    properly. But at the same time, if this part is seen through with care then the
    questions become very easy to understand and can be solved in less time. Try to
    solve as many different patterns as possible and remember the important ones to
    save the time wasted in trying to comprehend the trick during the final

Maths has always been about practice and the
skill depends largely on the level of attention that a person gives during the
preparation. The topics mentioned in the article are the most important ones
but there are other topics like algebra, average etc. that should be given
importance as well. This is because SSC CGL is in the improvisational phase and
therefore it is possible that the weightage of the questions might change as
The trick to success here is to take as many
mocks as possible during preparation. This has become all the more significant
as the pattern is online and requires some effort in getting acquainted with,
particularly for the candidates of non-technical background.
The final count of vacancies in SSC CGL 2017
is expected to touch a new high and Maths accounts for 250 marks out of total
600 marks you can score in Tier-1 and Tier-2, so you can do your own
calculations about the value of this section.
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