Strategy for BOB Manipal 2017 – Time Management Plan | How Much to Attempt

Hello and welcome to exampundit. A lot of aspirants have asked us to provide a last minute strategy for BOB Manipal 2017. So, today we will be discussing about BOB Manipal 2017 Strategy along with time management plan and a target score.


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Let’s get started!

Picking Out the weak zone
You need to have at least of 3-4
Exam’s experience for this method. In case you are going for the first exam,
Just Be Yourself!
Now, Pick Out the Least Scoring
sections in Ascending Order. 10 – 11 – 12 -14….
You will see the sections which
were very low due to “wrong” attempts.

Mostly, quantitative aptitude and
reasoning has been the trending topic in Time Management.

by exampundit

Time Allotment & How
Much Should You Attempt
Time Allotted
Target Marks
General Awareness
≤ 15 Minutes
Reasoning Ability
≤ 40 minutes
Quantitative Aptitude
≤ 40 minutes
English Language
≤ 25 minutes
The target marks has to be a good
one. You simply cannot target a small score. Moreover, its not like SBI PO
Mains or IBPS PO Mains. So, you better be aiming high.
On the other hand, the time
allotted by yourself can easily be achieved with practice.
How to approach
Which one to attempt first? Well,
we recommend to start with the General Awareness. General Awareness is a
section which can fetch you a lot of marks. So, If you start with General
Awareness, your confidence will boost up. The questions in GA are usually from
Current Affairs, Banking Awareness and sometimes stock GKs. So you have the
chance to score a lot of marks in the very beginning.
Even if you don’t like GA, you
should start off with it. Do not foul attempt (tukka) in the GA section.
Next move on to, Quantitative
Aptitude, do the Data Interpretations at first. They are scoring, they can be
calculative but with practice and patience and concentration you can achieve
the feat.
The do the P&L, Avg and Misc
Sums. Then move on to the number series and simplifications, if you are finding
it hard, just leave it for the end.
Don’t Forget to download: Expected Questions for NIACL & BOB PO 2017
Now, go for English (only if you
are strong at it! else reasoning) and do the comprehensions. Comprehensions are
the most scoring in English, and you can secure your marks.
Do the Cloze Test after that, and
then do the others, again, leave the tougher one for rest.
Go to Reasoning, Do the Seating
Arrangements, Puzzles at first if you are good at it. Else go to the easier
portions and secure your marks.
You will have a few minutes left
for the remaining. If you have confidence, give it a try else, you have
successfully secured a minimum 120 for you out of 200(Assuming 25 from each and
20 from Quantitative or Reasoning).
All the best! May the force be
with you!

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