SSC vs Insurance AO vs Bank PO – Job Profile, Pros & Cons, Growth | A detailed analysis

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is an awesome comparison of SSC, Bank PO and Insurance AO by our mentor Gaurav Monga. This will definitely help you to choose the best option for you.

Pros in getting posted through SSC

– Include both field job and desk job(decide the best for you)

– Examples: Assistants, Auditors, Accountants, Tax-assistants, upper division clerks.

Inspectors (income tax, excise, preventive officers, examiners), CBI, narcotics etc.

– Limited Working Hours(like office to home, home to office)

– Involves travelling, carrying out raids, inspections, surveillance etc.

– Posting in variety of department and ministries

– Life is not monotonous.

– Public dealing & regards

– Good promotion

– Opportunity to prove your talent

– Good pay & other benefits

– Good workplace and environment

Insurance AO: An Administrative Officer in General Insurance company is the Primary Supervisor. The Work of an AO is very simple, they need to do administrative jobs. Which
includes Claim Settlements or Accounting or Verification and Supervising
Assistant’s works.
Pros as Bank PO:
A PO (Probationary officer/Assistant Manager) in a Bank is the lowest position in the Officer’s cadre. He/She has to do all the work starting from Customer dealing to back office job. A PO has to verify the work that has been done by a SWO/Clerk such as Cheque passing, NEFT/RTGS Verification, Issuing a Cheque Book and many others. From Day begin to Day end, a PO has to take all the reports and also report them to account offices.
Insurance AO
Bank PO
5 Days of Work
Loan Benefits
Limited Workload
Overdraft Facilities
Best Laptops(for Specialists)
Good Salary(similar to AO)
Less likely to get Rural Posting
Fast Growth
Happiness in Work(Specially in Claim Settlements)
Happiness in work, depends on the person
Huge chances of Growth
Less chances as compared to AO
No customer dealing
Complete customer dealing



Cons as AO

– Less Facilities

– Slower Growth Rate than PO

– Less Exposure than PO

– Bonds from 3‐4 Years

Cons as PO

– 6 Days of Work

– A lot of Work Load

– Less time to prepare for other exams

– Very much transferable job

– Have to Deal Customer

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