SSC CGL 2017: General Intelligence Quiz (Reasoning) – Analogies & Missing Number Figures

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of General Intelligence(Reasoning) quiz for SSC CGL 2017 based on Analogies & Missing Number Figures.


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1-4 Find the missing value:


a) Q
b) Z
c) X
d) M


a) G
b) Y
c) T
d) H


a) 13
b) 17
c) 8
d) 37


a) 13
b) 19
c) 10
d) 20

5-10: Analogy

5.Cockroach:nymph ::  _____ : Whelp
a) Clam
b) Coyote
c) Deer
d) Elk

6._____: Mirth : : Pain:woe
a) Slapstick
b) Blight
c) Favor
d) Waterloo

7.Mole: Foxy ::  Teacher: _____
a) Loutish
b) Insolent
c) Slow
d) Seasoned

8.Figure:Metaphor : :  ____ : Analogy
a) Disparity
b) contrast
c) comparison
d) Antithesis

9.Sourish:_____ :: soggy: muggy
a) acrid
b) Pleasant
c) Piquant
d) Flavorful

10.____: Ferrets : : Fusillade :Bullets
a) Business
b) Game
c) Mustering
d) Labor

Answers & Explanations:

1. Ans-d
The alphabets are numbered as A=1 , B=2 and so on upto Z=26
Replacing the alphabets with their numerical values we can observe that in a column, the middle box value = ( 1st box+3rdbox ) /2
For ex in 1st column, O=15  P=16 and Q=17    (15+17)/2=32/2=16=P
Similarly, in third column W=23  R=18
So the value of 3rd box be x.
(23+x)/2=18 =>23+x=36=>x=13=M

2. Ans-d
The alphabets are numbered as A=1 , B=2 and so on upto Z=26
In each figure, the sum of all the corner numeric values of alphabet when divided by the numeric value of the middle alphabet yield  the numeric value of the left lower alphabet.
In fig 1: R(18) + T(20) + F(6) + D(4)   /  H(8)= 48/8=6(F)  the left lower alphabet
Hence in third figure according to same pattern :
J(10) + R (18) + B(2) +x  / S(19) should be equal to B (2)
Hence 30+x/19=2
=>x=8 = H

3. Ans-b
When observed row wise, the value in the central circles = sum of the adjoining left and right circles/2
91+18+?+78  /2 =102

4. Ans-a
The value in the circle = (sum of the cubes of the base corners)-(square of the apex)
In first triangle:  3^3+7^3-8^2=27+343-64=306
Similarly for third triangle,  10^3+9^3-?^2=1560

It is a pair of the animal and its young one.

6. Ans-a
The previous causes the latter
Slapstick causes laughter as pain causes woe (suffering)

7. Ans-d
As a mole ( a secret agent) acts in a (foxy) hidden way , similarly a teacher acts in a seasoned (disciplined ) way.

8. Ans-c
Mataphor is figure of speech
Analogy is a comparison of set of words

9. Ans-a
The pair of words are synonyms. Sourish=Acrid (bad taste)
Soggy=muggy (wet)

10. Ans-a
Business is the collective noun for group of Ferrets . Similarly, Fusillade is collective for bullets.


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