SRL becomes first diagnostics firm to record Rs 10 billion in revenue

Leading diagnostics chain, SRL Diagnostics (SRL) on Wednesday announced that the company had become the first Indian diagnostics company to surpass Rs. 10 billion in revenue in 2017.

“Great companies are innovative and customer-centric. But the best of them combine innovation with superior execution. SRL has today evolved into India’s largest and preferred diagnostics chain with an impressive reach, relentlessly operating from a paradigm of quality and customer first,” said CEO SRL Diagnostics, Arindam Haldar.

SRL Diagnostics, established in 1995, has been on the forefront, constantly delivering quality diagnostics to its customers.

Today SRL touches the lives of over 15 million patients annually in 600 cities across 30 states in India.

Moreover, the company has partnered with the government under public-private partnership in Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh to cater to the masses.

The platform is also the chosen lab partner for UNICEF’s Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey.