SIDBI Assistant Manager 2016 – Interview Experience

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Our beloved Bahubali has shared his Interview Experience of SIDBI Assistant Manager 2016.

Disqus id : Bahubali
Venue : kolkata
Time : 8.30am

I reached 8 am sharp. Total 25 candidates for today. 13 for 1st shift(8.30am) & 12 for 2nd shift(12.30pm). 2 people were absent from my shift. After biometric attendance, Documents verification started at 9.30 am. My turn came at 11 am approx. Very detailed verification.. approx 15-20 min per candidate.

I entered the conference room. A large room.. large conference table.. & I was alone 🙂
A LED TV ( I think of ~30 inches) was attached to the wall..there were 4 members.. 3M+1F..looking like cricket match pre program :P..
I wished everyone.. they offered me to sit.

M1(chairman): dekho beta..koi compulsion nhi hai.. feel free to answer in either eng..or hindi..or mixed..keep urself calm..& relax.
Me: thank u sir 🙂

M1: so..whats ur qualification ?
Me : told

M1: hons ?
Me: Physics
(He gestured M2 to ask)

M2: what is Archimedes principle ?
Me : told properly

M2 : what is “g”?
Me: sir.. its acceleration due to gravity

M2 : can u define it ?
Me : yes sir.. defined

M2 : whats its value ?
Me : sir.. 9.8 m/s^2

M2 : ok..ok.. suppose an object has mass 5g on moon.. what will be its mass on earth ?
Me: will be same

M2 : why.. there is difference in gravitational value in earth & moon .. its possible ??
Me : sir..its true.. but bcoz of it, weight of the object changes..not mass

M2:hmmm… good..(he gestured chairman.. chairman gestured M3 )

M3 : banking to padha hi hoga ?
Me : yes sir

M3 : what is e-cheque ?
Me : answerd .. (2-3 follow up questions)

M3 : accha btao.. RRBs ka establishment q hua ?
Me: tried to explain.. but he was not satisfied fully..

M3: ok.. what is MICR ?
ME : Answerd

M3: what is lead bank ?
Me : told..

M3 : can u tell me its functions ?
Me : (I was able to tell only one function 🙁  )

M3: ok..ok.. btao.. inflation.. deflection aur stagflation kya hai ?
Me : answerd properly

M3 : RBI inflation kaise control karti hai ?
Me : explained in detail.. (he looked happy )

(Now..its F1’s turn )

F1: kya kya prepare kiye ho banking me ?
Me : exams relevant topics hain..

F1 : koi aur banking exam diye ho ?
Me : ibps po

F1: (ek aur koi question pucha.. jo yaad nhi aa raha mujhe… maine “50-50” answer diya tha)

F1: ek biscuit v hai es name ka.. 50-50 q use kiya hai isme ?
Me: mam..may be.. taki log isse dusre k sath share karein.. qki khushiyaan baantne se hi badhti hai.. 🙂

F1: (she smiled) ho sakta hai.. (& gestured to chairman)

M1 : whats ur hobby ?
Me : told

M1: so.. what do u write ?
Me : sir.. short poems.. paragraphs.. etc

M1 : why.. why do u write ?
Me : told.. (looked satisfied)

M1 : hmm..true.. nice hobby..

(Ok..u may go now.. nice talk wid u.. all the best)

I thanked all..& came out 🙂

【I dont know.. mere selection hoga ya nhi.. lekin jo v ho.. I enjoyed this learning experience.. aage khuda ki marzi.. :))

May the force be with me 🙂 】

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