SBI PO Prelims 2017: Quantitative Aptitude Quiz – Set 9 | Word Problems

Hello and welcome to exampundit. So here is a set of SBI PO Prelims Quantitative Aptitude Quiz 2017.

1. In a 20 km Tunnel connecting 2
villages X and Y, there are three gutters. The distance between gutters 1 and 2
is half the distance between gutters 2 and 3. The distance from village X to
its nearest gutter, gutter 1 is equal to the distance of Village Y from gutter
3. On a particular day, the hospital in village X receives information that an
accident has happened at the third gutter. The victim can be saved only if an
operation is started within 40 minutes. An ambulance started from village
X  at 30 kmph and crossed the first
gutter after 5 minutes. If the driver had doubled his speed after that, what is
the maximum time the doctor would get to attend the patient at hospital? Assume
1 min is elapsed for taking the patient into and out of the ambulance.
a) 4 min
b) 2.5 min
c) 1.5 min
d) 6 minutes
e) Patient died before reaching
2. Subham gets on the lift at the
11th floor of a building and rides up at speed of  57 floors per minute. At the same time,
Sonalin gets on a lift at the 51st floor of the same building and rides down at
the rate of 63 floors per minute. If they continue travelling at these rates,
then at which floor will their paths cross ?
a) 20
b) 29
c) 28
d) 30
e) 31
3. A tap can fill a tank in 4
hours. After half the tank is filled, two more similar taps are opened. What is
the total time taken to fill the tank completely?
a) 1 hr 40 mins
b) 2 h 40 mins
c) 49 mins
d) 40 minutes
e) 2 hours
4. What is the difference between
the compound interests on Rs. 5000 for 1 ½ 
years at 4% per annum compounded yearly and half-yearly?
a) 2.04
b) 3.04
c) 0.04
d) 1.04
e) 5
5. A bucket has  thrice the capacity as the mug. It takes 80
turns for the bucket  to fill the empty
drum. How many turns it will take for both the bucket and the mug , having each
turn together to fill the empty drum?
a) 50
b) 64
c) 60
d) 44
e) 40
6. On the results day of a
college of 1500 students, it was observed that 80%boys and 70%girls passed. If
total pass percentage was 75%, how many boys failed?
a) 140
b) 145
c) 150
d) 155
e) None
7. The amount in simple interest
at 8 % p a increases by 80%.. What will be the compound interest of Rs. 14,000
after 3 years at the same rate?
a) 5634
b) 4634
c) 4678
d) 4600
e) None
8. Binod got 30% of the maximum
marks in an examination and failed by 10 marks. However, Sumit who took the
same examination got 40% of the total marks and got 15 marks more than the
passing marks. What were the passing marks in the examination?
a) 35
b) 45
c) 80
d) 90

e) 85

Answers & Solutions:

1. Ans-c

XG1=YG3=30*(5/60)=2.5 km
VILLAGE X                        G1      G2      G3   VILLAGE Y
(2.5km)                                                                                        (2km)
G1G2=5 km and G2G3= 10 km
Now time taken for reaching X to G3 and back to X from X to G1=5 min (given)
From G1 to G3=(15/60)*60=15 min
From G3 to X=(17.5/60)*60=17.5 min
Time elapsed=1 min
Total time taken= 5+15+17.5+1=38.5
Remaining time=40-38.5=1.5 min

2. Ans-d

Suppose their paths cross after x minutes.
Then, 11 + 57x = 51 – 63x         120x = 40


number of floors covered in 1/3 min by David= 57/3=19
So, their paths cross at (11 +19) i.e., 30th floor.

3. Ans-b

A tap can fill a tank in 44 hours.
Therefore, the tap can fill half the tank in 22 hours.
Remaining part =12=12

After half the tank is filled, two more similar taps are opened.
Hence, total number of taps becomes 33.

Part filled by one tap in 1 hour =14=14
Part filled by three taps in 1 hour =3×14=34=3×14=34
Time taken to fill 1212 tank by 33 pipes
=(12)(34)=46=(12)(34)=46 hour =40=40 minutes

Total time taken
=2hour + 40 minute =2 hour 40 minutes.

4. Ans-a

CI when interest compounded yearly = Rs [5000x[1+(4/100)x(1+2)/100]=Rs 5304

CI when interest is compounded half yearly = Rs [5000 {(1+2)/100}^3]= Rs 5306.04
Difference = Rs. (5306.04 – 5304) = Rs. 2.04

5. Ans-c

Let capacity of mug =1litre.
Then, capacity of bucket =3litre.

Given that it takes 80 turns for bucket to fill the empty drum.
=> capacity of the drum =80×3=240 litre.

Number of turns required if both the bucket and the mug are  having each turn together=240/(3+1)=60

6. Ans-c

7. Ans-b

Let P = Rs.100

Simple Interest = Rs. 80 (80% increase is due to the simple interest)

Rate of interest=100×SI/PT=100×80/(100×8)=10% per annum

Now let’s find out the compound interest of Rs. 14,000 after 3 years at 10%

P = Rs.14000

T = 3 years

R = 10%

Amount after 3 years =P(1+R/100)T=14000(1+10/100)3=14000(110/100)3=14000(11/10)3=14×113=18634

Compound Interest = Rs.18634 – Rs.14000 = Rs.4634

8. Ans-e

Let maximum marks of the examination =x
Marks that Binod got =30% of x =30x/100

Given that Binod failed by 10 marks.
=> pass mark =( 30x/100)+10————1
 Marks that Sumit got =40% of x =40x/100
Given that Sumit got 15 marks more than the passing marks.
=> pass mark =(40x/100)−15  ——2
From (1)and (2)

pass mark


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