SBI PO Prelims 2017: Quantitative Aptitude Quiz – Set 16 | Word Problems & Data Sufficiency

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for SBI PO Prelims based on Word Problems and Data Sufficiency.

Find out which statement is redundant and can be dispensed while answering the question.

1. At what time will the train reach Gorakhpur from Mathura?
I. The train crosses another train of equal length of 200m
and running in opposite direction in 13.25seconds
II. The train leaves Mathura at 9:56am for Gorakhpur
situated at a distance of 326km
III. The 200m long train crosses a man in 11 seconds.
(A)  I only
(B)  II only
(C)  III only
(D)  I or II only
(E)   All I, II and III are required
2. What is the speed of the boat in still water?
I. The speed downstream is 19.09kmph
II. The speed upstream is 4.17kmph
III. In a to and fro journey between points A and B, the
average speed of the boat was 6.5kmph
(A)  I and II only
(B)  All I, II and III
(C)  III and either I
or II
(D)  Any two of the
(E)  None of these
Find out which statement is redundant and can be dispensed while answering the question

3. Soha borrowed a sum of money on compound interest from
Sonali. What will be the amount to be repaid if she is repaying the entire
amount at the end of two years?
I. The rate of interest is 5%pa
II. Simple interest fetched on the same amount in one year
is Rs.600
III. The amount borrowed is 10times the simple interest in 2
(A)  I only
(B)  III only
(C)  I or II only
(D)  I or III only
(E)   all I, II and III are required
4.  A group of people
decided to cut 128 trees in a certain number of days. For the first 4 days,
they were able to achieve their planned per day target. However, for the
remaining days, the group was able to cut 4 more trees daily than planned. In
this way, the group had cut 144 trees one day before the planned finish date.
What was the number of trees the group was planning to cut per day?
(A)  16
(B)  08
(C)  24
(D)  12
(E)  32

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5. In a class, if 50% of the boys were girls, then there
would be 50% more girls than boys. What percentage of the overall class is
(A)  23.33%
(B)  21.67%
(C)  25%
(D)  20%
(E)  40%
6. In an ice-cream factory, 30% of total Vanilla-flavored
ice-cream produced is mixed with 40% of total Banana-flavored ice-cream
produced, in a ratio of 1:1. Find the overall percentage of ice-cream produced
(approximately)   which is mixed with each other. (Ice-creams of
only these 2 flavors are produced in the factory) 
(A)  29%
(B)  35%
(C)  21%
(D)  42%
(E)  34%
7. Two persons A and B start moving at each other from point
P and Q respectively which are 1400 Km apart. Speed of A is 50 Km/hr and that
of B is 20 Km/hr. How far is A from Q when he meets B for the 22nd time?
(A)  11100km
(B)  900km
(C)  400km
(D)  1200km
(E)  700km
8. In an examination the candidate was asked to attempt 50
questions where all the questions were mandatory.1 mark is given for each
correct answer and 25% of the correct answer’s mark is deducted if answer is
incorrect. Nisha appeared the exam and scored 27.5 marks. How many incorrect
answers she gave?
(A)  36
(B)  09
(C)  27
(D)  18
(E)  24
9. A bag contains 3Purple cubes,4 Black cubes and 5 red
cubes. If two cubes are drawn at random, what is the probability that both of
them are of same colour?
(A)  19/66
(B)  1/5
(C)  3/10
(D)  14/47
(E)  None of these
Answers with Solutions:

1. A
2. D
3. D
4. A
Let the original target be x trees/day and
the number of planned days be y.
=) y=128/x
Also, as per the question
(y-3-1)×(x+4) + 4x = 144
(y-4)×(x+4) + 4x = 144
xy – 4x + 4y – 16 + 4x = 144
x = 16
5. D
ATQ, the number of girls should be 1.5 * the
number of boys.
When 50% of the boys are taken as girls, let the number of boys = x
Number of girls = 1.5x
total number of students = 2.5x
Original number of boys = 2x (50% of boys = x)
Original number of girls = 0.5x
therefore, Girls form 20% of the overall class.
6. E
Let the total Vanilla-flavored ice-cream
produced and total Banana-flavored ice-cream produced be x and y respectively
Given,30% of x = 40% of y (Since ratio is 1:1)………….(1)
=> x/y=4/3
=> x/y+1=4/3+1(On adding 1 to both sides of the equation)
=> (x+y)/y=7/3
=> y/(x+y)=3/7
Total ice-cream mixed = 0.3x + 0.4y = 0.4y + 0.4y = 0.8y (from (1))
% of overall ice-cream mixed = 0.8y/(x+y)×100=0.8×3/7×100 = 34.28%~34%
7. C
Total distance travelled by both of them for
22nd meeting = 1400 + 21 x 2 x 1400 = 43 x 1400
Distance travelled by each will be in proportion of their speed:-
Therefore, distance travelled by A = 50/(50 + 20) x 43 x 1400 = 43000
Now, for every odd multiple of 1400, A will be at Q and for every even multiple
of 1400 A will be at P. So, at 42000 Km (1400 x 30, even multiple) A will beat
P. So at their 22 meeting, A will be 1000 Km from P, therefore, 400 Km from
8. D
Let x be the no of
correct answers so (50-x) will be the number of wrong ans.
=>x=32..So no of incorrect answers=(50-32)=18
9. A


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