SBI PO Prelims 2017: Puzzle Quiz – Set 9


Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Puzzle Quiz for SBI PO Prelims 2017.

Directions: 1-5 – Read the followings and
answer carefully:

In a garden,
benches were placed in a hexagonal pattern. Each bench could accommodate only
one person . All the benches forming the edges of the hexagon are equidistant
from each other. Six persons –Rahul, Rehan, Reham, Rihan, Rahim, Rohan come for
a picnic to the garden and get themselves seated on each chair of the hexagon
for a photograph.
  • Rohan is in
    the middle of Rahul and Rihan
  • Rahul is
    not adjacent to Rihan and Reham
  • Rahim is
    not adjacent to Rehan and Rihan
  • Rehan and
    Rihan are adjacent to each other

Each of the
six persons saw under their benches and found a gift bag containing six
different things- chocolate, cake, Candy, Books, ice cream  and cards.
The person
sitting between Rohan and Rahim got ice-cream.
The person
facing Rohan got Cakes.
The person
facing Rahul got books and the person facing Rihan got candy.
1. If one
of the adjacent edges  of Rahim is
occupied by Rahul, the another adjacent edge of Rahim is occupied by ?
a) Rehan
b) Rihan
c) Reham
d) Rohan
e) Cannot
be determined
2. What did
Rohan get in the gift bag beneath his bench ?
a) Cake
b) Either
chocolate or cards
c) Either
cards or candy
d) Cards
e) None of
the above
3. How many
persons sit between Rohan and Reham in either directions?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 1
d) Cannot
be determined
e) Either 2
or 3
4. Who got
books in the gift bag?
a) Rehan
b) Rohan
c) Rahim
d) Rahul
e) None
5. The
person sitting in between Rehan and Rahim got ____ in his gift bag?
a) Cake
b) Cards
d) Either
cake or cards
e) Books
Directions: 6-10 – Read the following
information carefully and answer the below questions:
Eight employees Sparsh, Saket, Swarup,
Siddharth, Sourav, Sonal, Sonam and Sonali are working in an MNC firm in
different departments  viz Editing,
Advertising, Billing, computing, marketing, taxing, censoring and accounting
but not necessarily in the same order. All of them are sitting around a
circular table but not facing the centre. Sonali sits third to the right of
Siddharth. Sparsh and Swarup are not in 
Editing. Only one employee sits between Sourav and the Editor. Taxing
and Billing employees are immediate neighbour of each other. ‘Sparsh’ is
neither in marketing nor taxing. Only one employee sits between Sonal and
computing employee. Sonal does not works in 
either Editing or Billing. Sparsh sits third to the left of Sonam. Sonam
is in advertising. Siddharth is not the immediate neighbour of either Sparsh or
Sonam. The one who works in accounting is an immediate neighbour of Siddharth.
Three employees sits between Sonam and the censoring employee. Sonali is not in
either Editing or accounting.
6. Who among
the following is the Billing employee?
a) Swarup
b) Sparsh
c) Siddharth
d) Sonali
e) None of
7. Who
among the following represent immediate neighbour of Sonali ?
a) Sonal,Swarup
b) Sonal,
c) Siddharth,
d) Sonal,
e) Sonal
and marketing employee
8. Which of
the following is true regarding Sourav ?
a) Sourav
sits second to the left of Sonal.
b) Sourav
is in taxing.
c) Sourav
sits between Swarup and the Billing employee.
d) Only one
person sits between Sourav and Billing employee.
e) None of
9. How many
persons sit between Saket and taxing employee, when counted clockwise from
Saket ?
a) None
b) One
c) Two
d) Three
e) Four
10. Which
of the following is true ?
a) Saket is
the editor
b) Only one
person is sitting between taxing and marketing employees.
c) The
Billing employee is an immediate neighbour of Sourav.
d) One
person sits between Sonam and the editor.
e) None of


  1. Ans-c
  2. Ans-b
  3. Ans-a
  4. Ans-a
  5. Ans-a
  6. Ans-d
  7. Ans-d
  8. Ans-e
  9. Ans-e
  10. Ans-b
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