SBI PO Prelims 2017: Puzzle Quiz – Set 15

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Puzzle Quiz for SBI PO Prelims 2017.

Eight friends Ashutosh, Deepak,
Kriti, Monika, Piyush, Ruchi, Srishti and Tushar are sitting around circular
table and pursuing eight different courses, viz. B. Com, B. Sc, BA, MBBS, B.
Tech, MBA, M. Tech and MA, not necessarily in the same order. They are also
learning three foreign languages, viz. French, Mandarin and German. At least
two persons learn one foreign language. Only Monika and Piyush are learning
French. Monika is third to right of Piyush. Ashutosh is pursuing M. Tech and is
learning Mandarin and is sitting to the immediate right of Piyush. Ruchi is
pursuing MBBS and is learning German. Tushar is learning the same language as
Srishti learns who is third to left of Ruchi and fourth to right of Deepak.
Kriti is sitting exact opposite of Monika who is pursuing B. Com. Persons
pursuing MA and BA are learning Mandarin. Srishti is pursuing MBA while Deepak
is pursuing BA who is learning Mandarin. Tushar is pursuing B. Tech.
1. Who is 3rd to the right of the
person who is pursuing MTech?
a) Monika
b) Who is pursuing ma
c) The person Who is to the
immediate right of Monika
d) Deepak
e) None
2. How many people are learning German
and who are they?
a) 2, Ruchi and Kriti.
b) 2, Ruchi and Deepak.
c) 3, Ruchi, Srishti and Kriti.
d) 3, Srishti, Kriti and Deepak.
e) 3, Ruchi, Tushar and Srishti.
3. How many people are there
between piyush and the person who is pursuing BA anticlockwise?
a) 1.
b) 4.
c) Cannot be determined.
d) 5.
e) None
4. What is the position of Kriti
in respect of the person who is of pursuing
a) Third to the right.
b) Fourth to the right.
c) Second to the left.
d) Fourth to the left.
e) B or D
5. Who is pursuing BSc?
a) Srishti
b) Piyush
c) Kriti.
d) Monika.
e) Cant be determined.
Seven Management students Aparna,
Deepak, Mohit, Mannat, Shubham, Piyali and Shalini from different
specializations among Finance, Marketing and Human Resource are selected to
organize three events Business Quiz, Paper Presentation and Business Plan in
the upcoming college fest. At least two students are selected from each
specialisation and at least two students are assigned to each event. No two
students from same specialisation organize the same event. Further, it is known
that: (i) Mohit is from Human Resource and another student from his
specialisation is organizing Business Plan (ii) Deepak is organizing Business
Quiz and the other student organizing Business Quiz with him is from Human Resource,
who is not Mohit. (iii) Piyali is from Marketing and she is organizing Business
Quiz. Shubham is also from Marketing. (iv) Aparna and Mannat are organizing the
same event but it is not Paper Presentation. (v) Deepak and Mannat are from the
same specialisation. Aparna and Shalini are from the same specialisation.
6. How many people are organizing
paper presentation event and who are they?
a) 2, Aparna and shalini.
b) 2, Shubham and Mohit.
c) 2, Shubham and shalini.
d) 3, Shubham, Shalini and Mohit.
e) 3, Mohit, Shalini, and Mannat.
7. Which people have specialized
in human recourses?
a) Mohit, Piyali, Mannat
b) Mohit, Shubham.
c) Mohit, Shubham, Aparna.
d) Shalini, Shubham, Aparna.
e) Shalini, Aparna, Mohit.
8. Who is/are organizing business
quiz event with Piyali?
a) Mohit.
b) Deepak, shalini.
c) Deepak.
d) Shalini.
e) None
9. Who are in marketing
a) Deepak, Shalini.
b) Piyali, Shubham, Mannat.
c) Deepak, Mannat.
d) Piyali, Shubham.
e) Can’t be determined.
10. The people who are organizimg
business plan, are specialized in which section?
a) Human resources n finance.
b) Finance n marketing.
c) Human resources, marketing n
d) Marketing n human resources.
e) None


  1. C
  2. E
  3. D
  4. E
  5. B
  6. B
  7. C
  8. B
  9. D
  10. A




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Team ExamPundit