SBI PO Prelims 2017: Error Correction – Set 11

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of English Quiz for SBI PO Prelims on error corrections.

Direction for
questions 1 to 10:
A part of each sentence given below has been underlined.
You have to select the option that best replaces the underlined part.
1. British Airspace has been focusing on building
European links.
a) concentrating on creating European links
b) pursuing ways of building European connectivity
c) stressing on building European links
d) focusing on forging European links
2. The appetite of banks for funds was lost under the
onslaught of the slowdown, corporates refused to borrow even as bank
deposits flourished.
a) bank deposits flourished
b) bank deposits swelled
c) bank deposits were enhanced
d) bank deposits flummoxed
3. The 8th-century revival of Byzantine learning is an
inexplicable phenomenon
, and its economic and military precursors have yet
to be discovered.
a) a phenomenon yet to be discovered
b) a phenomenon incompletely explained
c) an inexplicable phenomenon
d) an unidentifiable phenomenon
4. The management can still hire freely but cannot scold
a) cannot scold at will
b) cannot give umbrage
c) cannot take decisions to scold
d) cannot scold wilfully
5. Many people mistake familiarity for a vulgar style, and
suppose that to write without affectation is to write at random speed.
a) is to write at random
b) is to write randomly
c) is to write fast
d) is to do speed writing


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6. This government has given subsidies to the Navratnas but
there is no telling whether the subsequent one will do.
a) whether the subsequent government will do so
b) if the government to follow will accept the policy
c) if the government to follow will adhere to the policy
d) whether the subsequent one will do so
7. Rahul Bajaj has done a great job of taking the company to
its present status, but it is time that he let go off the reins.
a) let go of the reins
b) stepped down
c) let go off the reins
d) delegated responsibility
8. With the pick up in the standard of education, expensive
private schools have started blooming up in every corner of the country.
a) started blooming in every corner of the country
b) started mushrooming all over the country
c) started mushrooming in every corner of the country
d) blossomed all over the country
9. It is important that whatever else happens, these
two factors should not be messed around with.
a) It is important that
b) It is a fact that
c) It should be urgently understood that
d) It should be understood that
10. It must be noticed that under no circumstance
should the company go in for diversification.
a) It must be noticed
b) It must be noted
c) It must be pointed out
d) It should be noticed


1. d ‘To forge’ implies to create a lasting relationship
based on hard work. ‘forge … links’ (smithy) makes better engineering sense
than ‘build links’ or ‘create links’. ‘Links’ also goes with the purpose –
2. b Bank deposits ‘swelled’ implies that they increased to
a great extent. The banking industry can flourish, not the deposits. Bank
deposits cannot be ‘enhanced’ or ‘flummoxed’.
3. c The original phrase is the best suited for the given
sentence. The ‘revival’ has taken place, hence (a) is not true. (d) also cannot
be true in light of the ‘revival’. (c) is a more precise choice than (b).
4. a ‘At will’ fits here perfectly in contrast to ‘freely’.
‘umbrage’ can be given without intention, so (b) is not right. (d) does not
make sense. ‘scolding’ happens spontaneously most of the times, hence it is
unlikely that it involves a decision-making process.
5. a ‘To write at random’ is more concise than ‘to write at
a random speed’ and conveys the meaning perfectly. ‘writing without
affectation’ in no sense means writing ‘fast’ or ‘with speed’. We choose (a)
over (b) because of the parallel construction with ‘write without affectation’.
6. d The sentence is incomplete as ‘will do’ does not have
an object. It should therefore be followed by ‘so’. (a) is not correct as
‘government’ is repeated. ‘policy’ is undefined in (b) and (c).
7. a We let go ‘of’ something, but we turn ‘off’ the lights.
The proposals in (b) and (d) might go beyond the scope of the sentence.
8. c The correct idiomatic usage to refer to a proliferation
of something is ‘have mushroomed’. ‘blooming’ and ‘blossoming’ are not words
that we use to indicate that a lot of schools have come up overnight.
‘Mushrooming’ is most apt, literally and figuratively, in this regard. ‘all
over’ is a more generic term than ‘in every corner’; the latter term is more
9. a The phrase used is grammatically correct. There is a
huge difference between ‘important’ and ‘fact’. (d) similarly overlooks the
serious tone of the sentence. (c) sounds verbose.

10. b We take ‘note’ of an important clause. There is
nothing to ‘notice’ in the sentence, so (a) and (d) are ruled out. (c) sounds
awkward when read along with the rest of the sentence


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