SBI PO Prelims 2017: Error Correction and Vocabulary Test – Set 7

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of English Quiz for SBI PO Prelims on error and vocabulary.

Given below
is the statement where three words are in bold. Choose from the options the
choice that can correctly replace the bold words.
1. Housing
market come to a “complete
standstill” during October-December 2016 over
adverse impact of demonetization as sales fell by 44% in the eight top cities,
lowest level since 2010, resulted  in Rs.22,600 crore loss to the builders,
according to property consultant Knight Frank.
at, results
(B)came, at, resulting
(C)came, beyond, resulting
(D)came, on, resulting
(E)no correction required
Endosulfan are an off-patent
organochlorine insecticide and acaricide. In 2011, the court have banned the production, sale and
use of controversial pesticide inside
the country holding that human life is more important.
has, outside
(B)was, had, within
(C)were, has, within
(D)is, had, in
(E)no correction required
3. Days before the 41 Indian sailors standed in leaking ships in UAE’s Ajman
port sent SOS messages seeking helps
to save their lives, the Indian consulate general in UAE has intervened raising
hopes of their rescue.
stood, helped
(B)before, stood, helping
(C)after, stood, helping
(D)after, stranded, help
(E)no correction required
4. A
miniature brain along with fully developed
skull bone and matted, greasy hair were found in a teenager’s ovary, when she was undergoing a
routine appendix surgery in Japan. Tetromonas, also known as dermoid cysts, is not uncommon. However, ones that
have brain like structures are extremely rare.
ovary, is
(B)half, ovaries, are
(C)partially, ovary, are
(D)partially, ovaries, are
(E)no correction required
Signalling confirmation in online
reality space, News-crop-lacked
property portal PropTiger saying
that Mumbai-based would merge with it, making it the country’s
largest digital real estate company
lacking, said
(B)affirmation, backing, saying
(C)convention, backed, saying
(D)consolidation, backed, said
(E)no correction required
6. Which of
the following is farthest in meaning to Calumny?
(B) aspersion
(C) libel
(D) obloquy
(E) commendation
7. Which of
the following is farthest in meaning to Allay?
(B) mollify
(C) quell
(D) assuage
(E) aggravate
8. Which of
the following is farthest in meaning to Heretic?
(B) nullifidian
(C) paynim
(D) renegade
(E) conformable
9. Which of
the following is similar in meaning to flimsy?
(B) knockabout
(C) tenacious
(D) sturdy
(E) diaphanous
10. Which
of the following is similar in meaning to oracular?
(B) distinct
(C) comprehendible
(D) lucid
(E) cryptic


  1. D
  2. D
  3. D
  4. C
  5. D
  6. E
  7. E
  8. B
  9. E
  10. E


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