SBI PO Prelims 2017: Error Correction and Para Jumble – Set 9


Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of English Quiz for SBI PO Prelims on error and para jumble.

(Q.1-5) given below is the statement where three words are in bold. Choose
from the options the choice that can correctly replace the bold words.

1. Any
software project that involves a
DBMS must consider applications that
processes and identify the entities.
involve, which, involves
(B) revolves, that, involves
(C) involving, which, involved
(D) involving, by, involved
(E) no correction required
2. In the forty, nationalization being considered a panacea for all socioeconomic ills.
forties, was, the
(B) forties, is, the
(C) forties, is, as
(D)forties, were, the
(E) no correction required
3. A person who goes on a diet control (weight reduction programme) for a long
period will also develop muscular efficiency.
(A)Any, go,
(B) the, went, efficiency
(C) A, goes, inefficiency
(D) only, went, inefficiency
(E) no correction required
4. Any negative revenue deficit implies that the government is resort to borrowing to finance current
(A) a,
positively, resorted
(B) a, negativity, resorting
(C) only, negative, resorted
(D) a, positive, resorting
(E) no correction required
5. By using of the term, Masala bonds are
similar to Dimsum bonds-bonds issued outside China but denominated in Chinese
currency. But they are different from Samurel bonds which are Yen denominated
bonds issued in Tokyo by a non-Japanese company and subjecting to Japanese regulation.
(A) use,
subjected, regulation
(B) usage, subject, regulations
(C) usage, subjected, regulations
(D) use, subject, regulations
(E) no correction required
In the
following questions, each passage consists of six sentences. Find out the
proper order of the sequences
6. (A)Their
existence is not merely benefitting the workforce but also contributing
enormously to the socio-economic development of the region.
(B)Ordinance factories are situated in the remote areas of the countries
(C)The factories are well equipped with modern amenities
(D)The setting up of factories with sound infrastructure in such underdeveloped
areas has not only initiated rapid industrialization, but also generated
substantial direct and indirect employment opportunities
(E)They have their own markets, schools, market complexes and recreational
(F)All factories undertake welfare schemes like organizing health camps and
awareness programs and awareness programmes, education to children and social
The proper sequence should be
(A)Snakes have learnt, from centuries of experience, that there is no profit in
trying to attack a human being
(B)And therefore, biting him would certainly not provide the snake with a meal
(C)But the size of human being is such that the poison entering his body may
take several hours to have an effect.
(D)In most of the cases the poison is not enough to kill a healthy adult at all
(E)A small animal bitten by a snake has no chance to hit back before it dies.
(F)Long before the man is dead, he has killed the snake and started to look for
a cure.
The proper sequence should be
8. (A) The
discovery of radioactivity was the foundation stone of atomic research
(B)It is a thought well worth serious consideration
(C)This higher value it has because it has brought relief and cure to many
suffering persons
(D)Today, because of its rarity, radium is one of the most commercially
valuable elements in the world
(E)One might claim that in radium alone, atomic research has given us something
capable of saving more lives than the atomic bombs have destroyed.
(F)But it has a higher value than pounds, shillings and pence.
The proper sequence should be
9. (A)The
object of advertisement, of course, is to present the goods in the most
favorable light possible.
(B)They correct the distortion and so help the consumer to come to a reasonable
(C)The shopper must get only a one sided view from an advertisement.
(D)Advantages are paraded, but drawbacks are not mentioned.
(E)This is why the independent reports of goods, which are made in newspapers
and magazines are so important.
(F)For a more balanced picture, he must make his own enquiry.
The proper sequence should be
10. (A) Man
has acquired great mastery over all the forces of nature and hence is called
(B)This is really shocking as all our prophets and saints preached and taught
tolerance and non-violence in every aspect of life.
(C)This becomes quite obvious to us when we read newspapers which daily carry
reports of violence taking place in one or the other part of the world.
(D)But in one respect he is not at all different from animals, beasts and
(E)Man still resorts to the use of violence to end disputes at personal,
social, religious and national level
(F)This is in respect of violence and intolerance.
The proper sequence should be

1. E
2. C
3. C
4. D
5. B
6. C
7. B
8. B
9. C
10. C


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