SBI PO Prelims 2017: Cloze Test – Set 9

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of English Quiz for SBI PO Prelims on Cloze Test.

Directions for questions 1 to 10:
Fill up the blanks, numbered ______[1], ______[2] …… up to ______[3], in the
two passages below with most appropriate word from the options given for each
“Between the year 1946 and the
year 1955, I did not file any income tax returns.” With that ______[1] statement, Ramesh embarked on an account of his encounter with the income tax
department. “ I originally owed Rs. 20,000 in unpaid taxes. With ______[2] and ______[3],
the 20,000 became 60,000. The Income tax Department then went into action, and
I learned first hand just how much power the Tax Department wields. Royalties
and trust funds can be ______[4]; automobiles may be ____________[5], and
auctioned off. Nothing belongs to the ______[6] until the case is settled.”
1. (1) devious (2) blunt (3)
tactful (4) pretentious
2. (1) interest (2) taxes (3)
principal (4) returns
3. (1) sanctions (2) refunds (3)
fees (4) fines
4. (1) closed (2) detached (3)
attached (4) impounded
5. (1) smashed (2) seized (3)
dismantled (4) frozen
6. (1) purchaser (2) victim (3)
investor (4) offender
At that time the white house was
as serene as a resort hotel out of season. The corridors were ______[7]. In the
various offices, ______[8] gray men in waistcoats talked to one another in
low-pitched voices. The only color, or choler, curiously enough, was provided
by President Eisenhower himself. Apparently, his ______[9] was easily set off;
he scowled when he ______[10] the corridors.
7. (1) striking (2) hollow (3)
empty (4) white
8. (1) quiet (2) faded (3) loud
(4) stentorian
9. (1) laughter (2) curiously (3)
humour (4) temper

10. (1) paced (2) strolled (3)
stormed (4) prowled

Winners of this quiz:
1. [email protected] – 6/10
2. Gaurav/MK – 5/10
3. Sourav – 5/10

Answers with detailed explanations:

1. 2 Ramesh makes a direct,
blatant statement that he did not file his income tax returns. Devious means
scheming, deceitful.
2. 1 The principal tax is already
mentioned as Rs. 20000. He hasn’t filed his income tax returns. Due to the
delay he will also have to pay interest on the principal amount.
3. 4 There are no sanctions
involved with the income tax. It’s not possible for him to get a refund unless
he files his returns. Due to the delay he will be charged a fine and not a fee.
4. 3 To impound means to seize
property (usually by force of power) and is used normally and here talking
about trust fund. So attached here refers to attaching property by legal writ
is the best option.
5. 2 Automobiles can only be
seized before being auctioned off (and not smashed, dismantled or frozen!).
6. 4 An income tax defaulter is
an offender and not a purchaser, victim or investor.
7. 3 The words in the previous
sentence and the tone of the passage indicate that the corridors were empty.
8. 1 This choice is appropriate
because the men were talking in low-pitched voices. Stentorian means marked by
loud voice.
9. 4 The word ‘choler’ (which
means anger or irritability) in the previous sentence indicates a direct
relationship with temper.

10. 1 He couldn’t have strolled
the corridors because he was angry. The President would not prowl in the
corridors. Also one does not storm a corridor but may storm in and out of a
corridor or a room. But one can pace up and down.


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