SBI PO Mains 2017: Puzzle Test – 20

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Puzzle for SBI PO Mains 2017.


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Eight jokers- L,
P, Q, M, R, S, T and N are seated around a circular cell not necessarily in the
same order. All of them eat a different food item i.e. chocolate, pizza,
burger, sandwich, cake, pasta, ice-cream and samosa, again not necessarily in
the same order. They are facing the centre. They all are from different places
and one of them is from Delhi. These are the further details-

The one who eats
burger is seated opposite to the one who eats sandwich. Person from Lucknow is
seated opposite to the person from Mumbai. The one who eats samosa is three
places away to the right of the person from Pune. M is from kolkata and the
person who eat pizza and pasta are his neighbours. The one who eats sandwich in
neither a neighbour of the person from Pune nor the person who eats samosa. N
eats chocolate and is opposite to the one from Hyderabad. P eats cake. N is not
a neighbour of the one who eats burger. R is third to the left of the person
who eats pasta and doesn’t eat samosa. Q is second to the right of the person
eats pasta. T is from Odisha and is seated opposite to the person from
Bangalore. L is not from lucknow and the person from lucknow eats ice-cream.
Q.1 Who among the following eats ice-cream ?
a) N
b) R
c) Q
d) S
e) none of these.
Q.2 Who sits three place away to the left of L?
a) S
b) person from Odisha
c) person from Lucknow
d) person from Delhi
e) none of these.
Q.3 P related to Q, in the same way M related to S. Then in the same way who is related to the person from Hyderabad?
a) N
b) person from Lucknow
c) Q
d) person from Pune
e) none of these 
Q.4 Which combination is true ?
a) N – Pune – Pizza
b) S – Lucknow – Ice-cream
c) L – Mumbai – Burger
d) P – Hyderabad – chocolate
e) none of these.
Q.5 Who sits opposite the person from lucknow?
a) The one who eats Pasta
b) The one from kolkata
c) The one from Mumbai
d) both a and c
e) none of these.



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