SBI PO Mains 2017: English Quiz based on New Pattern – 8

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of English Quiz for SBI PO Mains 2017. This can also be used for NICL AO Mains 2017.


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Directions for questions 1 to 5: Each of these questions has a
paragraph from which the last sentence has been deleted. From the given
options, choose the one that completes the paragraph in the most appropriate
1. Based on the information we
have it is difficult to predict how migration numbers will change with the
impacts of warming. Given the scale of uncertainties, most reported numbers are
good guesses. Perhaps more people will move to other rural and urban areas with
an increase in droughts, fall in agricultural yield, water shortage, and
floods. People will be vulnerable to many effects: globalisation, water
shortage, famine, poverty and so on. _________
(a) Seasonal migration during
floods or droughts may intensify and then become permanent.
(b) They will experience them
simultaneously and respond to them based on how these impinge on their daily
(c) Migration of people is not a
good trend.
(d) Fewer people will migrate if
there are no droughts or floods.
2. Until a hundred years ago as
humans we had a simple, uncomplicated biological connect. It was a
straight-forward equation: we drew roughly 3000 calories each of energy out of
Earth for our food and life’s sustenance. Today that number per capita has
grown to 100,000 calories. We still need only 3000 calories each to nourish
life itself. _________
(a) All the rest of this energy
is what we extract from Earth for everything else besides keeping ourselves
(b) In some countries, like the
US, this per capita number runs at over 200,000 calories.
(c) But average Indian consumes
much more calories than that.
(d) But life today has become
much more complicated so we consume more energy than what we need for
3. Much like Big Tobacco once did
with nicotine, the soda industry and high-fructose corn syrup producers of
America have maintained a ridiculous state of flat-out denial about the links
between soda consumption and obesity. “Sodas don’t make you fat,” they insist.
Meanwhile, as Americans guzzle down insanely large quantities of soda and
liquid sugar with each passing year, rates of obesity and diabetes continue to
steadily climb. _________
(a) There are 2 million people in
America who are suffering from diabetes.
(b) Surely diet must have
something to do with it, right?
(c) Obesity has become a major
problem in the entire world.
(d) Soda consumption and obesity
are very strongly linked whether companies accept it or not.
4. To develop an understanding of
the system under investigation, scientists build real-world models and make
predictions with them. The models are tentative at first, but over time they
are revised and refined, and can lead the community to novel problem solutions.
(a) Hence the community improves.
(b) Some scientists even develop
incorrect models
(c) These solutions then help in
coming the community forward.
(d) Models, thus, play a big role
in the creative thinking processes of scientists.
5. In a certain type of
supernova, the detonation starts with a flame ball buried deep inside a white
dwarf. The flame ball is much lighter than its surroundings
(a) Hence it does not detonate.
(b) in some other supernova the
process is somewhat different.
(c) so it rises rapidly making a
plume topped with an accelerating smoke ring.
(d) The energy produced is much
more than generated by a nuclear fission

Answers & Explanations:

1.b Previous sentence of the
paragraph gives a good clue about the next sentence. As in this sentence the
author mentions various events which might impact extent of migration, in the
next line the impact of these events should be explained. Hence the answer is
2.a As the paragraph is not
restricted to any particular country as such, options ‘b’ and ‘c’ can be easily
ruled out. Option ’d’ does not mention anything about where rest of the
calories go, hence ‘a’ is the right answer.
3.b The author’s attitude gives a
good idea about the answer. He uses words like ‘ridiculous’, ‘guzzle’, which
obviously shows that he vehemently wants to stress on the role these products
play in the obesity of American people. The paragraph should also end on the
same note which is option ‘b’. Option ‘a’ merely gives the number, option ‘c’
is beyond the scope as the author is mainly concerned about the extent of the
problem in America. Option ‘d’ is a very superfluous statement as it only
restates which has been already stated.
4.d The main emphasis of the
paragraph here is to study how models are developed and how they play a role in
development of community.
5.c Since the previous part of
the sentence stresses on its quality of being light, the next part should
continue with the same idea.


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