SBI PO Descriptive – Essay – Responsibility of the citizen on the Farmers of India

Hello and welcome to exampundit . Here is the essay on “Responsibility of the citizen on the Farmers of India” which is aced by Sourav.

India is an agrarian economy, which means, Agriculture is the pre-dominant
sector of the Indian economy. In spite of the Indian economy opening out to the
world and globalization, close to 65-70% of the population still depends on
agriculture for its livelihood.
to the Green Revolution, India is now self-sufficient in food production, gone
are the days when India had to import even food grains for daily consumption.
Indian agriculture has been making technological advancement as well. Today, a
visit to the villages will reveal that more and more farmers are adopting
mechanization for their farming, there is an overall improvement in the
agricultural trends in India.
that mean everything is looking bright for Indian agriculture? A superficial
analysis of the above points would tempt one to say yes, but the truth is far
from it. Behind all the growth and development lies the reality that Indian
farmers have to face – extreme poverty and financial crisis driving them to
suicides. The statics of the deaths are so high that there is nothing personal
or moving left in them. Is it not shameful to our country? To understand this,
one should analyze the agricultural set up in India.
is some Problems of Indian agriculture discussed below-
  1. Agriculture is unorganized activity today
  2. Indian agriculture is predominantly dependant on nature.
  3. India has witnessed a spate of droughts over the last decade.
    The worst affected being the cotton farmers of the state of Maharashtra.
  4. The farmers normally resort to borrowing from money lenders,
    in the absence of institutionalized finance.
  5. Majority of the farmers in India own as little as 2 acres of
    land, cultivation on such small sized lands is not effective.

then needs to be done to prevent this sad state of affairs? There cannot be one
single solution to end the woes of farmers. Giving monetary relief is not an
effective solution. Here are some solutions that could help in improving the
state of the farmers:
  1. The dependency of agriculture on nature should be reduced.
    This calls for effective management of water during seasons of good monsoons.
  2. Making institutional finance available to every farmer is
    another important solution to save to the farmers from debt traps of money
  3. Small farmers should be encouraged to develop alternative
    sources of income and the government should take up the responsibility of
    providing training to the farmers to acquire new skills.

sacrifice of our beloved leaders will be found worthy only if the poor
condition of farmers is improved to get the respect from the society. Being a
citizen of this great country, we all should come forward and help poor
farmers. So, the interest of the farmers should be enlightened at all
situations to make them a respectable citizen of a country. If India has to
shine, it is these farmers that need to be empowered.

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