SBI PO 2017 – Interview/GE Experience – Himu

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is an interview experience of SBI PO 2017 shared by Himu from Kolkata, West Bengal.

My sbi interview and group exercise was on 13th Sept, 2017 in Kolkata.

GD topic : “Indian villages : Strength or weakness “

All members were well learned and spoke fluently on the topic. The panel though did not comment anything, looked pleased apparently..

A notepad and a pen were provided to us to jot down our points and a 5 minutes time was given for that.

GE topic :  how will you ascribe the following in terms of ” Change”  ( in terms of workplace, environment, new place etc etc..)

                 a) Attitude
                 b) Adaptibility
                 c) Risk taking ability
                 d) Optimism
                  etc, etc

We as a group could come to consensus on 3 points.

Both GD and GE were conducted proficiently. All spoke well and were given equal chances. There wasn’t any fish market type situation.

Interview :              (P.S – My postgraduation subject was financial economics )

a) Why did you go on to do M.A from BSc ?

b) There is much govt intervention in banking. Do u think its necessary?

c) Nobel prize winner in economics and name of theory?

d) Why I chose to complete my masters from outside west bengal?

e) A current affairs question on SBI Life Insurance

f) What do you know about SBI merger?

g)What is fiscal deficit?

h) How can fiscal deficit be contained?

i) Credit risk management practices in SBI ( since i had done an internship in SBI in credit risk management)

j) Why did I choose to take up Credit risk management as my internship topic?

k) NPA effects on profitability of banks?

l) What is IPO?

m) What is market capitalization?

Overall both GE and Interview went well. Answered some questions well and in some could have done better.. Hoping for the best 🙂


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Team ExamPundit