SBI PO 2016 – Interview Experience – Chitrarth – Lucknow

Hello and welcome to exampundit . Here is an Interview Experience of SBI PO 2016 shared by Chitrarth.

Date 5 sep, venue: lucknow
Reporting time 10 am
Gd started around 11  (2 deputy gm were der)
Topic: women empowerment is a paper concept
5.min to think den 20 min discussion on it.
Then round 2 of gd
They have given a topic ” job priority”  alongwid 8 points for priority like job security, job profile, working environment, like dis nd u have to give ur preference nd number them frm 1 to 8,
5 min to do so nd aftr dat another 20 min discussion on ur preference. U have to convince others nd at last arrrive on a grp consensus.
5 interviewer were der ( 4 men 1 mam)
As i am frm an engg background they askd me many things abt it like u were frm a great University, den why had u left ir stream, why why???
They had asked me the headperson from diff IT nd mechanical companies. Meaning of ur name
News related to France, europe.
About the consequence if up is divided into 4 parts.
About newton laws. And 1, 2 more que.
Interview was of 10-15 min duration for everyone.
All the best everyone 🙂


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