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Hello and welcome to exampundit . Here is the first Interview Experience of SBI PO 2016 shared by Devoleena.

So I am sharing my experience in details.
My interview was scheduled on 12pm. 1st they did biometrics, and verified the candidate. After that the documentation took around 1hr. The people were very cordial. A candidate was unable to give the non creamy layer certificate still they allowed him to appear. Then we had lunch at around 2’o clock.
The GD started at around 2.30pm.
Our topic- Social networking has destroyed the art of conversation.
They gave us 5 mins time to think about the topic and then for 20 mins we discussed the topic. All the team members were very helpful and helped everyone. Then we had another GD round, where the panel gave us a sheet, where some points were given on the risk of social networking, like
1. Addictive
2.affect relationship
3.time waste and so on…
and we had to rank the risk according to us. Then all the team members discussed on what they ranked 1st and gave justification on why they think it’s 1st priority. Finally we had to come to a conclusion but our team dint come to any conclusion and this whole procedure ended in 1.5hr.
Then our interview started around 5pm.
I was the last 2nd candidate.
I entered the room. They asked about my details, about my college, where it is located…
Then started interview.
GM sir asked-
1. Name the player who won 3 medals in running in rio Olympics. Answered
2. What you admire so much about bolt?
3. Which player performance you enjoyed a lot.
4. Development in India during last 2 years, different yojnas, GST
1st CGM sir asked-
1. longest and poisonous snake in the world.
2. Longest river in the world
2nd CGM sir asked- What is nomination?
3rd CGM mam asked- name 3 women bankers in today’s banking sector, and name their rank and bank also.
4th CGM Sir asked- 2 state minister of our state (which I couldn’t answer)
Then finally they said thanks u may go now.
That’s all, hoping for the best.


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