SBI PO 2016 – Interview Experience – Pingu – Kolkata


Hello and welcome to exampundit . Here is a detailed Interview Experience of SBI PO 2016 shared by Disqus ID, PINGU.

8 am

I reached the place at 8 am sharp, but was the last one to arrive in my group of 10. After bio-metric verification, we were told to arrange our documents in order. One candidate had a real issue since his finger print was not matching, finally it was sorted after a while. The DV went well as all my documents were in place. Few of them were not carrying what was asked, the DV people were very strict and made sure everything matched properly. However they made provision for submitting the forgotten certificates later in the day and co-operated at each step. At around 9:10 we were called for the GD. There were two very well dressed officers waiting for us. They greeted us well and congratulated us for getting into phase 3. One of them explained the rules of the GD, 20 mins time to reach a consensus, no individual time as such, no chaotic situation should arise, 5 mins beforehand to jot down the points, everything to be supervised quietly by them sitting behind us. 

Our topic was, “Is e-commerce a death knell for small shopkeepers?”

It was an easy topic for me, the discussion started, everyone chipped in, some of them really fumbled to pass on their views. However we failed to reach any unanimous consensus. But the officers specified that there were no negative points for that, since the individual points and the reasoning involved were evaluated.

Next was “prioritisation”, same time limits, we were to arrange nine topics based on our priority and arrange accordingly and reach a consensus based on discussion.

The characters were

  1. Self awareness
  2. Hard work
  3. Vision
  4. Collaboration
  5. Perseverance
  6. Creativity
  7. Empathy
  8. Honesty

Again a consensus was not reached, however the panel appreciated the very healthy discussion and lauded the points exchanged. The whole process was over in an hour. Next after a brief rest, the interviews started. I was the last one to enter, no one was allowed to spend much time discussing how the interview was and was requested to leave. After waiting for almost 2 hrs, my turn came. After knocking on the door i entered and greeted the panel members, four male and a female. The room had four sofas, three were taken by them and one was left for me. It was more of a casual chit-chat kind of set up.

Following were the questions asked

  1. What is the meaning of my name?
  2. What was i doing in the 2 years after my graduation?
  3. Am I looking for a job only in the banking sector?
  4. Why banking?
  5. Where do i have a bank account?
  6. Personal feedback of SBI as a customer and a comparison with any private bank.
  7. What is Hooghly river? (since i stay on its banks)
  8. Name a project related to the Ganga ( Hooghly distributary of the Ganga, hence the question)
  9. Main points of the projects( Namami gange, blasted everything about it, panel looked extremely satisfied)

Some casual exchanges and i was asked to leave.

PS- Just realised that i took 45 mins to remember and type this, I hope this excerpt helps. Thank you for bearing with me.


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