SBI Clerk 2018: Reasoning Ability Quiz – 9

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Reasoning Quiz on Puzzle problems for SBI Clerk 2018 Prelims.


6 people A,C,D,X,Y,Z visit on various time of day for various purpose- English quiz,Quant quiz,Banking awareness quiz,Current Affairs quiz,Puzzle quiz.

D visits neither at 2pm nor at 10am. D visits between C and X. Z neither visits at 10am nor for Banking awareness quiz. Y visits immediately after X who visits for Puzzle quiz. There are two persons who visit in between the two persons who visit for English quiz. Y doesnot visit at 7:30pm. The person who visits for English quiz comes only after the person who visits for Quant quiz.

  1. Who visits for Banking Awareness quiz?

(A) Z

(B) A

(C) X

(D) None of them




  1. Who visits at 3:30pm?

(A) D

(B) C

(C) X

(D) None of these




  1. Who visits for current affairs quiz?

(A) Z

(B) X

(C) Y

(D) A




  1. Who visit for English quiz?

(A) C and Z

(B) C and Y

(C) A and Y

(D) D and Z




  1. Who visits for Quant quiz?

(A) C

(B) D

(C) Z

(D) None of these


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Seven cakes X, P, Z, Q, C, S and V are kept above or below of one another .They all are of different colours – white, purple, black, maroon, red, orange and blue but not necessarily in the same order. These are the further details- The cake which is of black color and S are three places away from each other. Cake which is of black color is immediately above Z. Only three cakes are between P and the cake of white color. Cake of white color is above S but not immediately above. Cake of maroon color is immediately above the cake V. Cake which is of orange color is immediately above P. Cake Z is not of red color. Cake X and C are two places away from each other. Neither cake X nor cake Z is of purple color. Cake X is above cake C.

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Q.6 Which cake is kept third place from the top?

a) C

b) Red coloured cake

c) S

d) Black coloured cake

e) none of these



Q.7 What is the colour of cake X?

a) White

b) Orange

c) Blue

d) Red

e) none of these



Q.8 Which cake is kept three places above blue coloured cake?

a) Purple colored cake

b) S

c) Maroon coloured cake

d) C

e) none of these



Q.9 X is related to orange, C is related to black. Then in the same way which is related to Purple?

a) S

b) Z

c) Q

d) P

e) none of these



Q.10 which combination is/are correct?

a) C – Purple

b) V – Black

c) S – Maroon

d) Z – White

e) none of these

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