SBI Clerk 2018: Reasoning Ability Quiz – 1

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Reasoning Quiz on Puzzle & Miscellaneous problems for SBI Clerk 2018 Prelims.


7 countries Germany,Japan,South Korea,Australia,Italy, Canada,Russia,signed MoU with seven different States Punjab,Maharashtra, Tamil nadu, Bihar,West bengal, Rajasthan, Goa in 7 different months April,January, February, March,September, December, June. Italy neither signed MoU with Tamil nadu nor Rajasthan. Australia neither signed with Tamil nadu nor West bengal. Japan neither signed with West bengal nor Tamil nadu. South Korea signed before Japan but after Germany. MoU signed with Maharashtra neither in February nor in April. MoU signed with Rajasthan neither in February nor in December. The MoU signed with Bihar was in June. Canada signed MoU with Punjab in March. Italy signed MoU neither in June nor in September. MoU signed with West Bengal was in September,but neither by Germany nor by South Korea. Neither Rajasthan nor Italy was signed in April. Neither Australia nor Japan signed MoU in January.

  1. Canada has signed for which state?

(A) Tamil nadu

(B) Goa

(C) West bengal

(D) None of these.




  1. Russia signed MoU in-

(A) January

(B) March

(C) December

(D) None of these




  1. Rajasthan signed MoU in-

(A) February

(B) January

(C) March

(D) None of these




  1. Odd one out-

(A) Goa- Canada

(B) Punjab – South Korea

(C) Tamil nadu – Australia

(D) West bengal- Russia





  1. Which one is true?

(A) June – Bihar

(B) March – Canada

(C) February- Goa

(D) All are true




8 people G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N seating around a circular table, three of them are facing outside. They are from 8 different professions- Police,Professor, Teacher,Doctor,Leader,Pilot,Social Activist,Banker. The leader is on the immediate left of L. There are two people between G and N. The police is on the second right of N who is a neighbour of the professor and the teacher. G is a leader. The person between L and I is a banker. J is seating to the third right of L. H is seating on the third left of I.  The immediate neighbours of I are facing in the same direction. G is facing outside and M is seating to the second left of him. The teacher and the pilot are the neighbours. Neither K is a police nor N is a doctor.


  1. Who is a pilot?

(A) I

(B) G

(C) N

(D) None of these




  1. Odd one out-

(A) N

(B) H

(C) I

(D) G




  1. Who of the following is facing outside?

(A) I

(B) M

(C) K

(D) None of these




  1. Find out the true statement-

(A) N – Doctor

(B) H – Professor

(C) K – Pilot

(D) J – Teacher





  1. Who is the leader?

(A) I

(B) G

(C) L

(D) N




  1. How many pairs of letters are there in the word ‘ANYTHING’ which have as many letters between them as are in the alphabet ?

(A) 2

(B) 3

(C) 0

(D) None



Question 12-13


  1. Add 5 alphabetical letters with the first digit and subtract 2 alphabetical letters from the second digit and again add 5 alphabetical letters with the third digit.

After adding and subtracting what will be the words?








  1. If the first and third digits are interchanged, in English alphabetical dictionary which will come first?









  1. In a certain code BLACK is coded as AMZDJ and RUGBY is coded as QVFCX, then what will be the code of WHITE?








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