SBI Clerk 2018: Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for Prelims – 3

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for Prelims exam of SBI Clerk 2018.


1. An oil reservoir having 2 pipes connected to it is 3/4th full. The pipe from West direction can fill the reservoir in 10 minutes and pipe from east direction can empty it in 6 minutes. If the western and eastern pipe are opened together at the same time, in how much duration will the tanker empty/ fill completely?

a) 6 minutes fill

b) 3.75 minutes empty

c) 3.75 minutes fill

d) 5 minutes empty

e) None

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2. Harry and Mary started a poultry farm by investing Rs. 16,000 and Rs. 12,000 respectively. When the poultry farm completed 3 months, Harry withdrew Rs. 5000 while Mary invested Rs. 5000 more. After the half yearly anniversary of the setup of poultry farm, Deepak joins the business with a capital of Rs. 21,000, The share of Mary exceeds that of Deepak, out of a total profit of Rs. 26,400 after one year by:

a) 3600

b) 3700

c) 3500

d) 3000

e) None


3. Subham bought a book from me at $100 and sold it to me for $200. He bought it back from me for $300 and then sold it back to me for $400. Did Subham make any profit in this process? If yes, how much ?

a) $100

b) $300

c) $200

d) $250

e) $50

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4. The profit( in percentage) earned by three shopkeepers X, Y and Z is 10 %, 20 % and 25% and ratio of the CP of their products is 1:2:4. Also, the ratio of number of goods solved by the three shopkeepers is 2:5:2 respectively, then overall profit percentage earned by the three shopkeepers is?

a) 18.5%

b) 21%

c) 75%

d) 68 %

e) None

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5. The ratio of total weekly sales of two international books A and B is 4:5 and the ratio of their printing charges is 5:6. What is the ratio of profits earned by the books A and B , if A’s profit is equal to its 8th of its sales.

a) 4:3

b) 3:4

c) 5:8

d) 8:5

e) None


6. Six years ago, there were 7 members in Gopal’s family and then the average age of his family was 49 years. Then, Gopal got married and had a daughter., but the average age of the family remained the same. The present age of Gopal’s wife is

a) 28

b) 26

c) 31

d) 30

e) Cannot be determined

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7. The total age of all the guests in a party was 540 years. If a Kashmiri couple left the party, the average remains unchanged. The wife and husband had same date of birth. Therefore , the average age of this couple and the total number of guests respectively will be :

a) 18, 27

b) 20 ,27

c) 15,38

d) Cannot be determined

e) None

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8. Aakash is a witty farmer. He always makes sure his farm is safe from trespassers. Hence he builds up a square shaped fence around his field . He uses 26 steel poles in each side, with a distance of 4m between each pole. What is Aakash’s field’s area?

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a) 2.76 milihectare

b) 1 hectare

c) 1.6 milihectare

d) 2.76 hectare

e) None

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9. Rohan is a sugarcane farmer. He processes sugar and adulterates by naking a mixture by mixing 26 kg of sugar at rs 20 per kg with 30 kg of sugar obtained in a different batch at rs 36 per kg and marks the selling price of the sugar at Rs 30 per kg. His profit percent is :

a) 5%

b) 10%

c) 15%

d) No profit no loss

e) None

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10. Equal amounts of each Rs 48392 is lend to two persons for 3 years. One @ 30 % SI and other @ 30 % CI annually. By how much percent the CI is greater than the SI in these 3 years?

a) 23%

b) 33%

c) 33.33%

d) 45%

e) None

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