SBI Clerk 2018: Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for Prelims – 1

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for Prelims exam of SBI Clerk 2018.

Directions for Q. 1-3: There are 100 employees in an organization across five departments. The following table gives the department-wise distribution of average age, average basic pay and allowances. The gross pay of an employee is the sum of his/her basic pay and allowances.

There are limited numbers of employees considered for transfer/promotion across departments. Whenever a person is transferred/promoted from a department of lower average age to a department of higher average age, he/she will get an additional allowance of 10% of basic pay over and above his/her current allowance. There will not be any change in pay structure if a person is transferred/promoted from a department with higher average age to a department with lower average age.



1. There was a mutual transfer of an employee between Marketing and Finance departments and transfer of one employee from Marketing to HR. As a result, the average age of Finance department increased by one year and that of marketing department remained the same. What is the new average age of HR department ?

A) 30

B) 35

C) 40

D) 45

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2. What is the approximate percentage change in the average gross pay of the HR department due to transfer of a 40-yr old person with basic pay of Rs. 8000 from the Marketing department?

A) 9%

B) 11%

C) 13%

D) 15%

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3. If two employees (each with a basic pay of Rs. 6000) are transferred from Maintenance department to HR department and one person (with a basic pay of Rs. 8000) was transferred from Marketing department to HR department, what will be the percentage change in average basic pay of HR department?

A) 10.5%

B) 12.5%

C) 15%

D) 30%

E) 40%

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4. A dealer offers a cash discount of 20% and still makes a profit of 20%, when he further allows 16 articles to a dozen to a particularly sticky bargainer. How much percent above the cost price were his wares listed?

A) 100%

B) 80%

C) 75%

D) Cannot be determined

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5. When Usha was thrice as old as Nisha, her sister Asha was 25, When Nisha was half as old as Asha, then sister Usha was 34. Their ages add to 100. How old is Usha?

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A) 40 years

B) 41 years

C) 45 years

D) 48 years

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6. A sum of money doubles itself at compound interest in 15 yrs. In how many years it will become eight times?

A) 45

B) 50

C) 52

D) 60

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Directions for Q. 7-10: In 1984 – 85 value of exports of manufactured articles exceeds over the value of exports of raw materials by 1 00%. In 1985 – 86 the ratio of % of exports of raw material to that of exports of manufactured articles is 3 : 4. Exports of food in 1985 – 86 exceeds the 1984 – 85 figures by Rs. 1006 crore.


7. In 1984 – 85 what percentage of total values of exports accounts for items related to food.

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(a) 23%

(b) 29.2%

(c) 32%

(d) 22%

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8. During 1984 – 85, how much more raw material than food w as exported?

(a) Rs. 2580 crore

(b) Rs. 896 crore

(c) Rs. 1986 crore

(d) Rs. 1852 crore

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9. Value of exports of raw materials during 84 – 85 was how much percent less than that for 85 – 86?

(a) 39

(b) 46.18

(c) 7

(d) 31.6

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10. The change in value of exports of manufactured articles from 1984 – 85 to 1985 –86 is

(a) 296 crore

(b) 629 crore

(c) 2064 crore

(d) 1792 crore

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