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Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of English Quiz for SBI Clerk 2018 Prelims examination based on New Pattern Parajumbles.


1.(A)Prahlad was a true devotee of God who was saved from fire by the God however Holika was burnt and changed to ashes./(B)Every year it falls in the month of Falgun (or March) which indicates the beginning of the spring season too. /(C)There is a great history and significance of celebrating this holi festival every year./(D)Holi is the widely celebrating festival of the year just like Diwali by the Hindus./ (E)Long years ago, there was a Holika, a devil sister of devil Hiranyakashyap who tried to burn Prahlad (son of her brother) in the big fire by taking him in her lap.

(D) no arrangement needed.


Option: A


2.(A) In order to understand the features and objectives of GST Act, first we need to take a quick look on the previous taxation system./(B)These taxes get accumulated with the original price as the input credit for the tax already paid is not available to the consumers./(C)Previously taxes were charged on every stage viz. excise on manufacture, VAT/CST on sales, entry tax on entry of goods in local area etc. /(D)These taxes were imposed by the Centre and state differently according to the Lists in The Constitution of India./(E)This cascading effect of tax i.e. tax on tax results in hiking the prices of goods or services.

(D) no arrangement needed.


Option: C


3. (A)Improving digital infrastructure, digitally delivering services and digital literacy are the three major aspects of digital India campaign./(B)Run by the government of India, Digital India is a campaign launched to empower the country digitally./(C) Started on 1st July 2015, it is to link the rural people with the high-speed internet network to gain any information needed./(D)The motive of this campaign is to strengthen the electronic services of government services; it is done by reducing the paperwork./(E) It is a very fruitful technique as it takes off the weight of investing time over paperwork and devotes man labor in the various field, it is highly efficient and effective.

(D) no arrangement needed.


Option: B


4.(A) It helps in globalization as it connect one individual to the whole world through their phone or computer screen./(B) It will avoid maintaining of documents at paper length as all will be saved and delivered through the internet at all level like school, colleges, offices, or any other institution./(C)A program to facilitate both, the customer and service provider, this project is targeted to end by 2019./(D) Chaired by the ministry of communication and IT, a group of the advisory body looks after the working and implementation of the project./(E)This project focuses on making a road between the government and the public which will not be any difficulty to travel; here government services will reach the doorstep of the public just by a click.

(D) no arrangement needed.


Option: D


5. (A)As a first step the government had urged people to create bank accounts under Jan Dhan Yojana./ (B)They were asked to deposit all the money in their Jan Dhan accounts and do their future transaction through banking methods only./ (C)The second step that the government initiated was a tax declaration of the income and had given October 30, 2016 deadline for this purpose./(D) Through this method, the government was able to mop up a huge amount of undeclared income./(E)However, there were many who still hoarded the black money, and in order to tackle them; the government announced the demonetization of 500 and 1000 currency notes.

(D) no arrangement needed.



Option: D


Directions (Qs.6 to 8): In each of the following questions, three or four sentences 1, 2, 3, 4, as the case may be form a meaningful paragraph/flow of thought. One of the sentences is missing shown as __ You have to find out from (A), (B), (C), (D) or (E), which sentence would best fit the missing part:

1. The myth that money in the hands of tribal goes on drink and destroys families is belied by the
fact that almost all children in the area are in schools.
2. The girl students I met had certainly begun looking beyond the lives of their parents.
3. ————-
4. I couldn’t help wondering what a trial they would blaze if they had access to , the kind of education that most of us in the cities take for granted.
Which of the following would best fit (3)?
A. They literally aimed for the stars under that indigo sky,
B. The corporate have value added to the local schools.
C. Education is the offshoot of income generation from agriculture.:
D. There is an opportunity cost to poor families and they don’t send their children to school.
E. The city education is not as good as the one offered here with the help of progressive NOOs.


Option: A –

First sentence is important. Because it states that girls are going to school which rules out Sentence D from option. B & C are irrelevant to the context.
We have 2 options left, A & E. Now, E states a fact but it is not relevant to the context of the passage since we have A in option. Otherwise, E would have been the perfect choice.

Now, if you see A, it is a metaphorical statement yet relevant to the context of the passage. They are underprivileged yet looking beyond their current state of life.


1. ————
2. A typical smart phone allows the user to access the internet. download movies and stream music anywhere.
3. If each and every person were to have access to a powerful smart phone -projected to account for three of every four phones sold by the middle of the next decade – mobile telephone could become a vehicle of economic upliftment.
Which of the following would best fit (I)?
A. There is a paradigm-shift in local and STD, call rates.
B. Everyone carries a smart phone now-a-days including the low end users.
C. The mobile phone has evolved far beyond a simple calling device.
D. With connectivity as the mantra, everyone will have mobiles.
E. There is no denying that IT services widen the scope for upward mobility.


Option: C –

Here, it is about the progress of phones. So, we can rule out A, D & E.
B states about availability to users which is already stated in Sentence 3. Hence, C. Because C also starts about the topic.


1. There is a pattern here.
2. India does well in areas that have independent institutions or clear rules, while we do very badly in areas where there -is bureaucratic discretion or political involvement.
3. ————-
4. This pattern could give reformers a broad idea of how to go forward in governance reforms: strengthen institutions and minimize discretion.
Which of the following would best fit (3)?
A. We come out badly in areas such as diversion of public funds. public trust in politicians and favouritism in government decisions.
B. It is the well-known divide between rule’s and discretion.
C. Because of this pattern, most Indian Companies were protected and inefficient till the reforms of 1991.
D. Inconsistent rules are worse than a well thought out bureaucratic discretion.
E. The line between public sector and private sector will have to be drawn very carefully.


Option: B

While C has talked about the “pattern” but it is definitely not in the context. We are not talking about Indian companies.

Divide between rule’s and discretion – it is a never ending debate & theory in Economics. So it is applicable here since the topic of the passage is it self divide between rule’s and discretion.



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