SBI Clerk 2018: English Quiz for Prelims – 21

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of English Quiz for SBI Clerk 2018 Prelims examination based on error detection.


Which of the phrases (a), (b), (c) or (d) given below should replace the phrase given in bold in the following sentence to make the sentence meaningful and grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is and no correction is required mark (e) as the answer.


  1. One of the politicians have open admittance that he had resorted to corrupt practices.

(a) have opened admittance

(b) has opened admittance

(c) has openly admitted

(d) have been open admittances

(e) No Correction required


Option: C




  1. The unkind comments passed by her superiors made her resign.

(a) unkindly comments passing by

(b) unkind comments passing on

(c) unkind comments posed by

(d) unkindly comments passed on

(e) No correction Required


Option: E




  1. The ban on public meetings have been lifted temporarily in view of the auspicious occasion.

(a) have been temporarily lifted

(b) have been lifting temporarily

(c) had been lifting temporary

(d) has been lifted temporarily

(e) No Correction Required


Option: D




  1. Finishing his breakfast, he started working on the problem that had been awaiting disposal for a long time.

(a) His breakfast finished

(b) His breakfast having finished

(c) Having finished his breakfast

(d) Finished his breakfast

(e) No correction required


Option: C




  1. One of the function of a teacher is to spot cases of maladjustment.

(a) One of the functions of

(b) Most of the functions of

(c) Some of the functions

(d) One of the functions by

(e) No correction required


Option: A



  1. In our friends’ circle it is customary for each of the members to buy their own tickets.

(a) buying their own tickets

(b) are buying their own tickets

(c) buying his own tickets

(d) to buy his own ticket

(e) No correction required


Option: D




  1. Where the distance is not too much I prefer walking on foot than waiting for a bus.

(a) than wait for the

(b) than no waiting for

(c) to waiting for a

(d) rather than waiting for a

(e) No correction required


Option: D




  1. Being a pleasant morning, he went out for a walk along the seashore.

(a) With a pleasant morning

(b) It being a pleasant morning

(c) Being a pleasing morning

(d) As a pleasant morning

(e) No correction required


Option: B



  1. We are happy to recommend that his son to be considered for the post.

(a) considers for

(b) be considered with

(c) be considered for

(d) may consider for

(e) No correction required


Option: C




  1. A majority of the students believe that the examinations are unnecessary.

(a) have been not necessary

(b) have unnecessary

(c) are being unnecessary

(d) were being unnecessary

(e) No correction required


Option: E



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