Railway Recruitment Board Assistant loco pilot or RRB ALP & Technician online written exam is soon going to take place. The last date to apply for RRB ALP Recruitment was 5th March 2018. To score good marks in such a competitive recruitment you need to give your best performance. Since the level of Mathematics is not very tough in RRB Assistant Loco Pilot exam, a constant practice can help you score easily and quickly. In this article we are going to see RRB ALP Mathematics Tips and to know how to get maximum marks in Mathematics for ALP Online Written Exam.

Mathematics is one the major topic that is being asked in the online written exam and involves a lot of calculation. This section can become very time consuming if you don’t have enough practice in all the topics of this section, which can become frustrating. However, this occasional dullness of Quant can be removed by studying it with quizzes and reading. Make sure your practice is a blend of reading important tips for the section as well as practicing sums. The best way to prepare is following a strategy prioritizing topics that are easy and have high weightage as per the latest syllabus .

Here are the below tips and preparation for Mathematics section,

  • Topics: Simplification, Percentage, Ratio & Proportion, Probability & Number System
  • These topics are easy and high scoring.
  • Questions asked on these topics are comparatively less time-consuming.
  • Therefore, with good practice and accuracy, you can score good marks in these topics.
  • Simplification:

  • – Target ‘simplification’ questions early in your exam preparation.
    – Solving easier topics at the start will help you gain some confidence.
    – Practice quick mental calculations to save time while solving questions.
    – Concepts are easy to understand and so you should keep yourself familiar with them.
    – Use short tricks and techniques for faster calculations, it will help you save lot of time.
    – Practice a mix of problems on BODMAS Rule, Approximations, Square & Cubes, Surds & Indices, Decimals and Percentages.
  • Percentage, Ratio & Proportion, Probability & Number System

  • Begin your preparation with the basic topics like Average, Probability & Percentage.
  • Practice as many questions you can following a strict time schedule. Make sure you improve your speed by solving previous year question papers and practice tests..
  • Solve these quizzes for checking your practice:
    (1)Profit and Loss Quiz
    (2)Interest Quiz
    (3)Average and Percentage Quiz
    (4)Ratio and Proportion Quiz
  • Topics like Mixture Problems, Time & Work, Geometry, Trigonometry. There are relatively less chances of solving them correctly.  They also take more time in solving and are very confusing at times. However, practice is the key in these topics most importantly. Try practicing as many questions you can on daily basis to familiarize yourself on all these topics.

Every day, try taking at least one mock test till the exam approaches. Go through all the solutions thoroughly for a proper conceptual understanding of the questions in mock tests. Understand your detailed analysis and see in which you are lag and which are you need more practice. Adjust your strategy accordingly. Try various order of attempt patterns in your mock tests to see what suits you best. Attempt mock  tests like you would the actual exam. This means you have to solve them without breaks or disturbances. We hope these Preparations tips for Mathematics for ALP were helpful to you. We wish you good luck for your RRB ALP exam.